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A Taste Of Mayhem: Suicide Silence, Texas Hippie Coalition and Cannibal Corpse

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DENVER—Suicide Silence, Texas Hippie Coalition and Cannibal Corpse brought an end to Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival’s A Taste Of Mayhem, on July 13. The Panoramic, King 810, Erimha, Islander, Wretched, Upon A Burning Body, Veil Of Maya, Darkest Hour, Ill Nino, Emmure, Miss May I and Mushroomhead were the opening acts.

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Eddie Hermida is the vocalist, Chris Garza and Mark Helmun are the guitarists, Alex Lopez is the drummer and Dan Kenny is the bassist of Suicide Silence.

Hermida mentioned they had a new record, “You Can’t Stop Me, and how it was due out soon. Shortly after, he encouraged those in attendance to form the biggest circle pit the venue had ever seen. After the new song had come to an end, he encouraged everyone to form the wall of death and the general admission parted to opposite sides. He counted to three and both sides ran towards the middle.

Big Dad Ritch is the vocalist, John Exall is the bassist, Cord Pool is the guitarist and Timmy Braun is the drummer of Texas Hippie Coalition.

One of KBPI’s rock jocks introduced Texas Hippie Coalition to the crowd. During the performance, Big Dad Ritch spoke of the times he spent the summers with his grandparents. His grandmother gave him the wrestler name “Texas Twister” and his grandfather gave him the wrestler name “Furniture Breaker”. Later, he spoke of his music influences from Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson. Shortly after—he spoke of his Dec. 21, 2012 show in Denver with their good friends, Clutch, and mocked the apocalypse.
George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher is the vocalist, Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett are the guitarists, Alex Webster is the bassist, and Paul Mazurkiewicz is the drummer of Cannibal Corpse.

Starting off Cannibal Corpse’s recital—Fisher, O’Brien, Barrett and Webster stood beside each other and head-banged in synchronically. Then, Fisher advised the crowd to not stand around and do nothing. He went onto say those standing against the barricade had to make every effort to move their bodies.

Later on, Fisher challenged them all to a head-banging match and guaranteed he would come out as the victor. Then he went onto say they would be having a new album coming out in September and advised the audience to could pre-order it at the merchandise booth.

“Scorge”, “Demented”, “Evisceration”, “I Cum Blood”, “Decency”, “Suffer”, “Hammer” and “Stripped” were part of Cannibal Corpse.