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A Taste Of Mayhem: Mushroomhead, Emmure and Miss May I

DENVER—Mushroomhead, Emmure and Miss May I were the 10th through 12th opening acts at Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival’s A Taste of Mayhem, on July 13. The Panoramic, King 810, Erimha, Islander, Wretched, Upon A Burning Body, Veil Of Maya, Darkest Hour, Ill Nino and Suicide Silence were also the opening acts. Texas Hippie Coalition was the direct support and Cannibal Corpse was the headliner.

A Taste Of Mayhem:  Mushroomhead, Emmure and Miss May I
Sean Beeman
A Taste Of Mayhem:  Mushroomhead, Emmure and Miss May I
Sean Beeman

Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix is the clean vocalist, Steve “Skinny” Fellton is the drummer, Tom “Shmotz”, Jason “J Mann” Popson is the unclean vocalist, Rick “St1tch” Thomas is the DJ, sampler and custom percussionist, Waylon Reavis is the other unclean vocalist, Tommy Church is the guitarist, Ryan “Dr. F” Farrell is the bassist, Robbie “Roberto Diablo” is the drummer and percussionist of Mushroomhead.

As soon as all of the drums came into play, the crowd erupted with cheers. Audience members soon clapped their hands to the rhythm of the drum beats. Members were caught up in the rapture, as they went onto crowd surf. They were then welcomed to the festival and mentioned it was not like the other festivals where everyone held hands and sang “Kumbaya, My Lord”. After their 25 minute set came to an end, the crowd wanted more and chanted for an encore.

Frankie Palmero is the vocalist, Mikael Mulholland and Jesse Ketive are the guitarist, Mark Davis is the bassist ad Mark Castilo is the drummer of Emmure.

Emmure kicked off their performance with “Nemesis”. Afterwards, Palmero insisted on taking the crowd to another level and requested everyone to raise their hands up. Granting his request, the crowd did as they were instructed. After noticing how much crowd control he had, he encouraged the crowd to jump with him and his band mates. Shortly after, he tested how loud they could cheer and asked for them to cheer a little louder each time. They clapped their hands rhythmically above their heads, soon after.
Levi Benton is the vocalist, Justin Aufdemkampe and B.J. Stead are the guitarists, Ryan Neff is the bassist and backup vocalist and Jerod Boyd is the drummer of Miss May I.

Percussions and heavy instrumental helped bring Miss May I to the stage. Faded vocals were soon heard, as they began their set with “Refuse To Believe”. Then, Benton encouraged everyone to form a circle pit and it began as soon as the second song had begun.