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A Taste of Mayhem: Islander, Wretched and Upon A Burning Body

Denver—Islander, Wretched and Upon A Burning Body were the fourth through sixth opening acts of Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival’s A Taste Of Mayhem, on July 13. The Panoramic, King 810, Veil Of Maya, Darkest Hour, Ill Nino, Mushroomhead, Emmure, Miss May I and Suicide Silence were the other opening acts. Texas Hippie Coalition was the direct support and Cannibal Corpse was the headlining act.

A Taste of Mayhem:  Islander, Wretched and Upon A Burning Body
Sean Beeman
A Taste of Mayhem:  Islander, Wretched and Upon A Burning Body
Sean Beeman

Andrew Murphy is guitarist, Mikey Carval is the vocalist, Eric Frazier is the drummer and Chris Doot is the bassist of Islander.

After the Islander’s banner ascended from behind the instruments, a local radio rock jock introduced the band and mentioned they were from Greenville, SC. During the performance, Carval asked the audience if they were fans of the SIRIUSXM Radio. He complimented them, how supportive they were to their careers and mentioned how “Coconut Dracula” was on rotation. Afterwards, he encouraged everyone to give it up for the sound technician and spoke of “Lucky Rabbit”.

Adam Cody is the vocalist, Steve Funderburk and Joel Moore are the guitarist, Adam Grevey is the bassist and Marshall Nieczorek is the drummer of Wretched.

Wretched began their performance with a lengthy instrumental, before Cody provided lyrics. After completing their first song, he mentioned they were from Charlotte, NC and the song they were about to perform was from their latest album. Then, he orchestrated a circle pit and spoke of the legalization of marijuana in Colo. Shortly after, he introduced “Cranial Infestation” and they went onto perform the song. After their set came to an end, he praised the Denver fans and told them they “kicked a**”.

Danny Leal is the vocalist, Ruben Alvarez and Sal Dominguez are the guitarists and Rey Martinez is the bassist and Tito Felix is the drummer of Upon A Burning Body.

Purple lights shined upon the stage, before Upon A Burning Body took the stage. After Leal encouraged everyone who was sitting down to stand up and enjoy the show. Before the start of the second song, he mentioned they were from Texas. Later—they went onto perform “Intermission” and “Texas Blood Money”. Prior to the start of “Scars”, he spoke of how their album was available for pre-sale. At the start of performing the song, a circle pit immediately formed. “Sin City” brought an end to their set. After ending their recital, he stated looked forward to next time.