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A taste of ancient Rome with Lupercalia celebration

Splendid Blessings.

As many know, St. Valentine's Day is next week, however before it was called that, it was Lupercalia and it was celebrated in true libertine fashion in ancient Rome. For the Detroit Pagan with the adventurous side, our cousins in the Land of the Maple Leaf offer the perfect getaway that both honors the holiday, and releases the inhibitions. Lupercalia MMXIV. Just a quick flight and there you are at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center at 11834 Kingsway Avenue NW, Edmonton. Running from February 14th thru 16th, this weekend sojourn into the realms of adult alternative pleasures upholds the spirit of the holiday while making it accessible in today as an experiential observance.

In its fifteenth year, this event offers

"keynote speakers, interactive workshops, vendor marketplace, dinners, 3 play parties and social events for adults interested in erotic BDSM and alternative lifestyles"

For the experienced and the novice, there are workshops available, as well as dungeons, that will allow the senses to be free in a safe, sane, and consensual space. There are also Play parties that will give the opportunity to put into practice all the things you can learn at the classes.

Workshops this year include

  • SM 101: A Realistic Introduction - Jay Wiseman
  • Tantric Erotic Spanking - John Ireland
  • Hojojutsu - Dunter
  • Playing with Passion - Adar
  • Dynamic Suspension Bondage - Dunter
  • Tight Immobilizing Bondage - Jay Wiseman
  • Rough Body Play - Dunter
  • Double Handed, Matched Pair Single Tails in the Dungeon - Jonn Ireland
  • Introductory Yoga in the Dungeon - Little One
  • Older and Wiser - Ladyfish and Fisherman
    The Inevitability of Age Play
  • Dress for Success and Pleasure - Marni
    A Real Life Guide to Gender Expression
  • Aftercare 101 - Rhondaliz
  • Making a Scene - Rusty
  • BDSM and the Law - Sir Henrik and Jay Wiseman
  • Clothespins - Adar
  • Riding the Wave - Ladyfish and Fisherman
    Impact Play and Energy Transfer is more than a Whupping
  • 50 Shades of Reality - Ladyfish and Fisherman
    BDSM Terms & What They *Really* Mean
  • and many more specialized presentations

One of the most well celebrated aspects of this celebration is the flogging of women participants in the hopes that they will become fertile. This is a fertility festival, after all. This not only was for the women, but also for the land. Nowadays, no one is sacrificing animals for the materials of the floggers, however modern forms of the rites can still be used to avert evil spirits and ensure good tidings.

Drinking and revelry are also a major part of this festival, and in that vein the venue offer the Libertina Ball

"a masquerade/fetish event where all attending will be in masks (of their own design or provided) and would express themselves through what they plan to wear--leather, latex, costumes, etc. This doesn't mean that those who, for whatever reason, won't be wearing fetish wear can't attend'

If you think that this would be the perfect surprise gift for your significant other, or others, then contact the hotel for a special rate at 780-454-5454 and rate code Lupercalia, or email The cost varies on whether you want the full weekend or just the ball or Play parties. The choice is yours.

For those who wish to observe Lupercalia at home, there is a modern ritual that you can access. " A Ritual for Lupercalia" by 'Philipus', c. 2004. To get a feel of what to expect if you are recreating it, here is a small quote

"[This ritual should take place outside, preferably during the daylight, but after dark can also be effective. The officiating priests/functionaries should be lightly clad, or completely without clothes if that suits them better. ... An offering of honey should be made to Antinous, Mars, and the Lupa, and a libation of a dark red liquid should be poured out. A knife with some of this liquid on it should be touched to each person's forehead by the officiant, followed by the wiping off of the red stain with cotton, or if possible wool, saturated in milk. Ritual laughter follows this..."

Of course there is more to it than this, with the ritual flogging well represented.

If you want to stay closer to home here in the Mitten, you could call Paradise Pines at in Emmet at 810-384- 6552, or email Though is is freezing, and the snow is covering every surface, give him a call and see if clearing the lots is an option. Clothing optional, it may be only for the brave during this time of year. So Polar Bear club members, take heart, you could possibly have it all to yourself.

A brilliant conversationalist, you could not go wrong chewing the fat with the owner.

Blessed Be.

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