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A tantric practice for HIV


  • alex 6 years ago

    Hi Raita -- I'm only about 10% into it, having accumulated 205,000 repetitions. One of the friends I'm saying this for was hospitalized, his health seemingly deteriorating rapidly, but while he was there the doctors discovered another co-morbid infection that had gone undiagnosed and untreated for over a decade. He was able to receive treatment for this and was released a few days ago. I think of it as a "healing crisis," a situation in which things appear to get worse but it's really part of recovery. I like to think that it was Hayagriva's intervention that made this possible, and take it as a good sign that the sadhana could work. It's going to take me a couple years to accumulate 2.3 million root mantra recitations (followed by 1.15 million activity mantra recitations and about 800,000 action mantra recitations). I probably won't finish before the end of 2012 -- but I'll try to comment from time to time, and it helps to know that others are interested!

    sarva mangalam


  • Raita 6 years ago

    Hi, for some reason I cannot read you'r reply. My mozilla is cranky as hell - isnt in a mood to show comments :/

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