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A Talk with My Mother Before She Dies

It is a social and psychological dilemma facing primarily black households in America. "Daddy" left home, mom raised the children, and there is the "star" among the offspring that wins a scholarship to an Ivy League College. He is no longer connected to his "roots", has adopted a new culture which renders him economically and socially alien to his pre-maturation lifestyle.

Not a funeral, but a celebration.Chivas Michael (as Mo)
Richard Anderson

He later reveals he is gay, not well accepted in the black community, thus pushing him further away from his roots. News arrived, his mother is dying. Aunt "Glo" wants a traditional funeral, with choice of caskets priced from "Hugo" to "Cadillac", of course a black pastor, and a repast. He cannot afford it, further he has no ties with religion and would prefer cremation. What will be the outcome?

WILD with HAPPY is a play about black traditions, especially about death and burials, gay and straight, among blacks in the twenty-first century. It is wild and certainly the end is surprisingly happy. Center Stage's Artistic Director, Kwame Armah, has always talked about expanding the cultural conversation, and has not hesitated with the selection of plays commissioned under his aegis.

COLEMAN DOMINGO, is African American and has written a play many fellow African Americans should see; the actor to watch in this one is CHIVAS MICHAEL, playing MO as well as ELDER BOVANE. After your experience, you will agree with my theme, A Talk with My Mother Before She Dies, is not only wild but happy.

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