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A talk with "Authoress Mimi Ray"

Through the eyes of Mimi Ray
Authoress Mimi Ray

I recently had a chance to interview a new author by the name of "Mimi Ray", which turned out to be a great interview. Her charm and positive energy was one of the things that made to interview run smoothly, as well as her passion for her new novel "Fuck My Life".

Q. Mimi Ray, will you tell your readers exactly who you are?

A. Well, I'm a mother of two and a queen to a great king. I am a peace maker/motivator, as these are some of the things that come naturally.

Q. What were the things that inspired you to write, which led to your writing career?

A. I've always enjoyed words and creating pictures with words. I have written many poems, as well as kept a journal when I was younger. On December 1, 2013 I was thinking about my deceased brother heavily and my coworker (Ashley, M) said "girl, you have stories to tell, you should write a book".

Q. Is "Fuck My Life" your first form of showing your writing skills, or have you written anything else leading up to this explosive read?

A. Nothing on a professional level Robert, besides resumes and cover letters for friends. I often write very long "Facebook" statuses causing people to say "You should write a book".

Q. Can you tell your readers how long it took you to write "Fuck My Life", as well as how the title came about?

A. It took me fourteen days to write the book, prompting the title to come about by me thinking of my deceased brother.

Q. Do you have a special place where you write in your house, or can you basically write anywhere?

A. I can write anywhere, even with my five year old daughter talking in my ear, my fourteen year old playing Xbox in my bedroom, and my husband snoring. Lol

Q. What are the things you enjoy about being an author, along with some of the things you dislike?

A. So far I am loving the positive feedback my readers are giving me and on I am accepting the constructive criticism, as well as the readers asking me for another great read. My least favorite is asking for people to leave their great reviews on different sites, so more people can enjoy the things they are enjoying in "Fuck My life". So readers please leave your reviews so others can purchase my book too.

Q. When your readers read your book, what do you hope they are receiving from it?

A. I hope to tell a tale of how parental neglect and child molestation can either make or break a person. Childhood events can ultimately determine where you end up in life, so parents love your children unconditionally.

Q. How does your family feel about your new success as an author?

A. My daughter made a song for me she sings it everyday, my son has been posting on Instagram, while my husband has been supportive and encouraging. I asked him was I spending too much time on the computer and he said " don't worry about that, we have a lifetime of time". I love that man!

Q. Name something most people don't know about "Authoress Mimi Ray"?

A. Most people don't know that the character "Tasha" endures 75% of events that took place in my life.

Q. Where do you see yourself in two years as an author?

A. I would like to complete a few more urban novels, dabble in erotic romance, then find myself on Oprah's reading list.

Q. Tell your readers where they can go to purchase a copy of your book "Fuck My Life"?

A. Right now presented by "Blaque Diamond Publications", my debut novel can be found on Amazon and Barnes And Nobles, downloadable via Kindle as well as Nook electronic downloads. The most exciting entertainment around for 99 cent.

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