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A Tai Chi and Qigong retreat at historical Wildwood Springs Lodge

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It is good to see a few St. Louis Tai Chi (Taiji) instructors team up to host a Tai Chi and Qigong retreat program for the region on the weekend of May 30th through June 1st.

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Hosted by the Chinese Internal Arts Center of St. Louis, this summer retreat will be taught by Sifus Justin Meehan, Jim Gera, Shawn Tucker, Sue Overkamp, Cis Hager, and Herb Parran. All instructors were trained by Sifu Justin Meehan and Justin’s teachers Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang, Grandmaster Zhang Xue Xin, and Grandmaster Liang Shou Yu. USAWKF International gold medalist Sifu Tim Bruewer of the St. Louis Taoist Association will also join the retreat and teach Taoism. What is even more exciting is that Master Feng Xiuqian from Beijing, China will attend the event. Master Feng is the younger daughter of late Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang. She attested how Tai Chi revived her health in an interview in 2011 and you can read the article here .

Sifu Herb Parran states that this retreat is designed for everyone. Beginners as well as advanced practitioners all can benefit from its rich program. The retreat program includes below topics:

  • Chen Style Hun Yuan 24 form instruction
  • Therapeutic Tai Chi
  • Silk reeling exercises
  • Qigong for health, strength, and balance
  • Taoism studies
  • Mediation instruction
  • Nutrition and stress reduction
  • Push Hands & applications
  • Chin Na (Joint Lock techniques)
  • Tai Chi Sword

The retreat will be hosted at Wildwood Springs Lodge in Steelville, MO. Steelville is about 100-minute drive from St. Louis and Wildwood Springs Lodge is a historical site, which was first built in the early 1920's and considered a large undertaking for that period and sponsored by the celebrities in the St. Louis region. It was remodeled with modern amenity to provide extra comfort. The retreat will include meals and lodging. The Chinese Internal Arts Center says that attendees will enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend in the beautiful area surrounding the Wildwood Springs Lodge. For more information, contact the Center at 314-397-2560 or

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