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A tête-à-tête with ‘True Blood’s’ Kristina Anapau

Kristina Anapau has been acting since she was sixteen beginning her career with “Escape from Atlantis” and then doing various television roles from the popular “Once and Again” “CSI: NY” “House, M.D.” , “Monk”, “Knight Rider” to the highly acclaimed film “Black Swan” and more recently, as Maurella the Faery in “True Blood”. Examiner met with her to talk about her career and her most recent film “Altergeist” a sci-fi- horror movie which looks to pack a punch.

Kristina Anapau an ethereal soul
Photographer: Davide Tama Makeup/Hair: Teal Druda

AL: Kristina thanks for sitting down with us. You have had quite a career. When did you first realize you wanted to go into the business? Who have been your role models? And who have you learned the most from?

KA: My pleasure. Well, I was very serious about classical ballet from a very early age and that was the path I wanted to pursue in conjunction with earning my PhD by age 21. I graduated from high school at 15 and started college the same year—was VERY focused on my studies—so being an actress was never in my scope of consciousness. I landed a lead role in Escape From Atlantis at age 16 through a series of coincidences, and found that acting was fun as well as being a new challenge. As far as role models, I suppose I have always admired Audrey Hepburn a great deal, for the person she was – her elegance across the card, as much as her career as an actress. I learned so much from Chris Bauer on True Blood. He is an amazing actor and human being. I enjoyed talking and working with him very much.

AL: You started out doing ballet and then music and theatre. Do you still dance?

KA: I try to go to a couple ballet classes a week.

AL: When you did “Black Swan”, did you do all your own dancing? And was it easy to pick all of it back up?

KA: Yes, I did and no it was not. I trained harder than I ever trained when I actually was a dancer. It was a very intense experience and process and a very important one for me.

AL: When you did music, did that mean you were doing musical theatre or did you do that separately? And do you sing? Do you have any aspirations with that?

KA: I had a record deal with Hollywood Records when I was 20. It was a three-girl group and we opened for Destiny’s Child on MTV’s TRL tour. It was a great experience— really fun to be a pop star for a spell, but eventually I missed the acting world, so I left the group and took a job on General Hospital.

AL: Most recently you played Maurella in “True Blood” did you read the novels that went along with the series in preparing for it and what did you think of them? Especially given that the entire faery aspect of the series seemed to really turn the story in an entirely different direction, than when it was first launched.

KA: I’ve read a couple of them. Yes, we did get a bit sexier didn’t we? I first was on at the end of season 4, so I had one episode in a long flowing dress like the early faeries wore, and then come season five we were practically in lingerie!

AL: It seems that after “True Blood” the focus of your career has definitely shifted to one where you do more roles which have a supernatural aspect. What are your views on that? Have you had any experiences of your own which made you question and wonder what is exactly out there?

KA: I don’t think the shift into the supernatural genre was a conscious one on my part, but it is a genre that I do enjoy acting in. As an actor you are obviously having to use a great deal of imagination for any role, so it’s quite freeing to work in a genre where there are very few limits on how far you can delve into that imaginary world.

AL: When you started to prepare for the role in “Altergeist” did you do any research on psychic phenomena? And is the story itself predicated on any actual events?

KA: I did do some research into psychic phenomena prior to the role, which was a lot of fun and very interesting. Yes, the story is based on true events—really fascinating occurrences. It was such a fun project to work on.

AL: Do you have any idea when “Altergeist” will be premiering so we can watch for it?

KA: October 15th!

AL: Following “Altergeist” it looks like you will be taking a different type of role in “Two Faced”. Can you tell us what kind of role this will be? Will it be a departure from the horror genre?

KA: Two-Faced is a bit of a thriller as well. I play a very refined woman who gets entangled in a pretty scary situation involving her ex-husband and his new fiancé.

AL: Finally, being a woman in a business which is not always kind to women as they age, where do you see yourself as time goes on? Do you have any aspirations or roles, you would like to play?

KA: I’m not too focused on all of that, really. I have so many things I’m working on outside of the industry. I’m about to launch a very cool new product called Color It New this fall. Go to to find out more! As for acting, I’m doing a period piece next, which is definitely something I have always wanted to do.

Thank you Kristina for taking the time to speak with us!

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