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A sweet proposal on 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' (Spoilers)

Joe Budden proposes to Tahiry in the most romantic and public way.
Joe Budden proposes to Tahiry in the most romantic and public way.

Have you ever tuned in to watch an episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' that made you cry? If the answer is no, then you missed the most recent episode. On Jan. 14, Vibe recounts one of the most romantic moments in the history of the show. Does Tahiry say yes or does she say no?

As Tahiry stands on the corner of 42nd street in New York City, a video begins to play on a huge screen overhead. With Tahiry's friends and family gathered around and the sweetest video ever playing, Joe Budden walks up and asks her to marry him.

That's the end of the episode though and fans don't know what to think. "Love & Hip Hop: New York" doesn't plan to tell viewers what Tahiry said until the new episode next week.

That's the thing with social media though. Due to the very public nature of the proposal, many bystanders caught clips of the proposal on cell phone cameras and video. Much of that footage leaked well before the episode aired and we know the answer.

Now here is the spoiler alert... If you want to wait until the next episode to find out Tahiry's answer, then stop reading here!

According to The YBF back in November, Tahiry answered Joe Budden and surprisingly she said no! Additionally, there has been no chatter by Tahiry or Joe Budden on any social media platform about an engagement. It is unclear if they are contractually not able to talk about it or if the romance really is off.

On Jan. 14, Budden posted to Twitter, "At least 20 ppl in this club thus far have said to me "so what'd she say ?"... Lol" but he certainly didn't answer the question.

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