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A sweet Orlando Food Tours ending at Sassafras Sweet Shoppe

Some of the sweet candy treats inside of Sassafras.
Some of the sweet candy treats inside of Sassafras.
Barb Nefer

It had been around three hours since I'd first hit the streets of Winter Park with Orlando Food Tours. Now the whirlwind experience was coming to an end, but there was one more goodie to enjoy.

Sassafras Sweet Shoppe is located just off Park Avenue, on Morse Blvd., and it's a place that will instantly transport you back to your childhood. It's packed with vintage candies, like those multi-colored candy buttons that always stick to the paper, Hubba Bubba bubble gum, and good old Pez, complete with dispenser, as well as more modern candies, like Jelly Belly jelly beans. There are jars all around the shop filled with enough delights to give permanent sugar buzzes to an army of kids. They even had my all-time favorite childhood treat: fruit flavored Chiclets. Fortunately I didn't have to stock up because Target recently started carrying this otherwise elusive product.

However, one of the big draws here is the freshly made cotton candy, and that's the grand finale to the Winter Park food tour. The sampling of foods and sweets makes you pleasantly full without feeling like your belly's going to burst, and this light, pleasant fluff is a perfect topper.

If you've read all six entries in my description of the Orlando Food Tours Winter Park adventure, you know it's a comprehensive culinary experience. If you haven't read them all, use the links below to navigate through each stop. You can enjoy the same experience yourself by visiting to book.