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A sweet day for a sugar fix: Celebrate National Marzipan Day

Marzipan is a sweet almond paste that is made up of sugar or honey and crushed almonds. The paste is molded into all sorts of different shapes, sizes and creations. It is amazing to see some of the designs that sugar confectioners create with marzipan.

A cute little puppy made of almond paste!
A cute little puppy made of almond paste!
Mobile Holidays Examiner / Beverly Mucha
National Marzipan Day - a sweet tooth's dream!

Every year on Jan. 12 the world celebrates “National Marzipan Day”. Marzipan is a real sweet, sweet for any sweetie wanting to satisfy their yen for sugar.

Many of us have seen lush cakes with small carved pieces of sugar paste of animals and fruit on top of the icing. Some pastry chefs also use marzipan as icing on top of cakes. They roll it out and create a sweet covering instead of icing. Some confections have the almond paste inside their treats.

Almonds aren’t the only nuts used to create this sugary paste. Some countries use cashews, apricot and peach kernels to create marzipan. Food colorings are added to bring out the life their designs and creations are supposed to represent and resemble.

The origin of marzipan is unknown. Some believe that it was first created in Persia while others believe it could have been in Italy. Germany on the other hand considers marzipan one of their specialties. This delectable sweet paste has been around over 200 years and enjoyed by quite a number of people.

Happy National Marzipan Day!

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