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A survivor of the July 1942 Nazi roundup of French Jews is again afraid

Talya Rotbart writes an open letter to Coloradans and Americans
Radio Chavura

My wife Talya, who was born and raised in Paris, is watching in disbelief as once again, thousands of French residents take to the streets shouting anti-Jewish and anti-Israel taunts. Is it 2014 or 1942?

After a phone call call this weekend with her aunt, who still lives in Paris, Talya sat down and wrote the following open letter to all Coloradans and Americans who still value Democracy, decency and Judaeo-Christian values.

It is worth reading and sharing:

The Sirens of Vel' d'Hiv Are Blaring Again Today

To say that I am upset is an understatement. I am irate.

I just got off the phone with my 80-something, stunningly beautiful and brainy aunt in Paris.

She is a survivor of the French and Nazi alliance against the Jews. My grandmother pulled my aunt out of a line heading for the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup on July 16, 1942. At the behest of the Nazis, more than 13,000 Parisian Jews were arrested by French police, including 4000 children.

For my grandmother, it became a real-life "Sophie's choice," because while she saved one daughter, she was unable to rescue another, my 20-year-old Aunt Regine, who like so many of those rounded up and held in inhumane conditions, was ultimately transported to her death in the crematorium at Auschwitz.

It’s almost exactly 72 years to the day later, and my aunt tells me she is afraid. AFRAID!!! Afraid as a Jew. Afraid for the safety of the Jews in France, in Europe, in Israel and, yes, in America.

She's heard about the anti-Jewish demonstrations in Los Angeles, and Boston, and Atlanta, and New York, and on and on. The screams of "death to the Jews,” “Jews in the oven” etc., etc., etc. and similar rally chants echo those she heard in her youth.

During World War II, my aunt reminds me, her brother (my father), who spoke German fluently, was a forced worker in a Nazi labor camp in the Ardennes (he later escaped and joined the resistance).

My father used to translate what the German guards would instruct the other prisoners.

The guard told my father, in confidence, about the concentration camps, instructing him to hide if he sees the transport trucks arriving.

My dad passed this on to the other Jews. They wouldn’t believe him. Many of the disbelievers perished. My father survived.

The similarities, my aunt understands, are frightening.

We don’t have to speak Arabic to hear the warnings now. The mass Muslim migration to Europe has brought with it a hatred of the Jews and everything that represents western values and multiculturalism.

Once more, nobody in French society is heeding the warnings. Many non-Muslims in France are actually happy to join in the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric.

As the code red sirens blare in Israel, so are the sirens sounding a death knell for Europe.

In Israel, it is the explosions of rockets; in Europe, it is the destructive force of anti-Semitism and the predominate alliance of the French left with the Islamic Jihadists.

The big difference is that Israel, with G-d’s help, will survive and remain a Jewish Nation. France and the rest of Europe will be swallowed, eventually, by the Islamic swarm and the Caliphate that inevitably will subsume the Christians and other “infidels” who remain.

My aunt says that if she were younger and physically stronger, she would get out of France. Alas, she feels impotent at this stage of her life to relocate. Worse still, where would she go to escape the anti-Jewish volleys of rockets and vitriol?

It is not without sound, historical precedence, that I fear for the future of America and for Israel’s future.

We need to heed the warnings. We need to act now. We must support the courageous voices here and abroad that are speaking out against anti-Semitism and global duplicity.

These voices need to be heard, supported and joined. These are heroes. Today’s resistance fighters. They include groups such as Act for America with Brigitte Gabriel; Jihad Watch with Robert Spencer; Stop Islamization of America with Pamela Geller; Center for Security Policy with Frank Gafney, Jr.; Palestinian Media Watch with Itamar Marcus; Americans Against Terrorism with Denver’s own Dr. Neil G. Dobro; Honest Reporting and a few more.

Choose knowledgeably come this November when electing your senators and members of Congress. Call them to express your support for America’s ally, Israel, and to share your concerns.

It is not too late for America. But the alarms are already sounding.

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