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A Super Diet Plan

The writer at the Metlife stadium, site of the Super Bowl
The writer at the Metlife stadium, site of the Super Bowl
Lance Becvar

Every day there seems to be a new diet plan that we the consumer, are encouraged to try to help us lose weight, the internet is always advertising these diet plans. In fact the diet industry is a billion dollar industry partly because some people need to be told what to eat and or how to eat, see the link below. People also tend to be very tempted to over indulge or over eat especially during the holidays and special events like the Super Bowl. Now for the record, the writer has never tried any of the diet plans that are out there such as the Jenny Craig diet, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and so on, so he can’t tell you personally how effective those weight loss systems are. But the writer can tell you, that he has been able to lose weight on many occasions just by eating less and exercising more. In fact he essentially just creates his own diet plan. The writer reads labels, eats foods with less fat and tries to limit his food intake. And the truth is you the reader are very capable of creating your own Super diet plan, you just don’t know it yet.

Here is a Super plan to try to help create a diet plan that will work for you. The reason this diet plan will be super is because it will be your own creation. Try this think about what foods you are eating right now and try and find a way to make them healthier. For example if you like fried burgers try baking them and add different spices to the burger to give it a different taste. The same can be said for chicken wings, a must on Super Bowl Sunday, just try baking them instead of deep frying them. If you like eggs try poaching them instead of frying them. Next make a list of all the extra snacks you are consuming and see if you the reader can eliminate or reduce the amount you are eating. The writer is taking about the extra snacks you are eating during the week; you can give yourself a break on Super Bowl Sunday. If you not a fan of vegetables try adding different spices to the vegetables to see if they might appeal more to you taste wise. Some people like adding hot sauce to foods to give a kick to plain food dishes. Also if you are a big fan of desserts, and have to have your sugar fill, try eating more fruit or a bowl of cereal to curb that craving. Cereal is more nutritious and most cereals have less calories and fat compared to cakes, pies and even candy bars. Finally, trying making your lunch for work instead of buying it because studies have shown when eating out, people tend to consume more calories see the link below. The bottom line is that eating health does not have to be complicated or cost you the reader a ton of money. For more information please contact the reader the