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A Super Bowl favorite: Buffalo chicken wings celebrates its 50th anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the Buffalo Wing!
Happy Anniversary to the Buffalo Wing!
Flickr , HeadGEAR56

ABC News reported on Jan. 29, 2014 that Americans favorite snack for Super Bowl XLVIII is chicken wings.

Chicken wings are cooked fried, baked or grilled and then immersed in buffalo, teriyaki or barbeque sauce as additional options.

Chicken wings are a popular snack that is eaten by men, women and children. However, statistics show that men are the main eaters of buffalo chicken wings.

Buffalo chicken wing were invented 50 years ago this year in 1964. The name Buffalo comes from the location where it was created at Anchor Bar located in Buffalo, N.Y.

What was supposed to be a simple late night snack for friends to enjoy, buffalo chicken wings ended up on the restaurant’s menu the next day because of its popularity.

This delectable fried chicken goodness is fried crispy to perfection, and then saturated with a buffalo hot sauce.

Buffalo chicken wings also reference as hot wings are sure to be found at Super Bowl XLVIII parties across the states along with chips and dips.

Buffalo wings are served with ranch or bleu cheese dressing and some celery stalks to help cool down in heat sensation "in the mouth".

Buffalo chicken wings are one of the main snacks ordered in sports bars and grills.

According to the National Chicken Council (NCC) 2014 wing report over 1 billion wings will be consumed during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Chicken wings once considered a chicken by product is now the recommended snack to eat.

Last year the NCC reported a wing shortage which drove the price of wings higher than usual.

Chicken wings have been in such demand over the last couple of years because of the old rule of supply and demand.

Fast food restaurants such as McDonalds have added wings called 'Mighty Wings" to their menu with such flavors as buffalo wings as one of their main wing featured flavor.

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