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A Sunny Place Learning Center's Leprechaun trap featured on KATU

The finished leprechaun trap
The finished leprechaun trap
O'Connor Originals PDX

Every St. Patrick's Day at A Sunny Place Learning Center, something magical happens. For the past four years, the preschoolers have built a leprechaun trap in hopes of catching one of the illusive little creatures.

Why? For the gold, of course! Everyone knows that if you catch a leprechaun, he has to give up his pot of gold, and the students at A Sunny Place Learning Center mean serious business.

All year long, things like packaging tubes and netting from produce are socked away in a special box specifically for the creation of a trap on St. Patrick's Day. Teaching the students at A Sunny Place Learning Center environmental stewardship is one of the top priorities at the school, and making sure the leprechaun trap is built only out of things that have already served their purpose makes the leprechaun trap especially important. When some people might look at the supplies as garbage, the little engineers using them see things like force fields and suction tubes that might whisk the unsuspecting leprechaun into the basket where he will remain trapped until morning.

The annual leprechaun trap is a way to anchor the holiday to memories as children that don't revolve around kissing strangers and green beer that the O'Connors hope will stay with their students forever, but they never knew that someone out there would learn about what they were doing and want to learn more.

Corey O'Connor wasn't sure what to think when he received a phone call from KATU's Valerie Hurst, and having the news crew out was a very special event for the kids because they got to show off their skills.

Watch the video to see what the leprechaun trap is all about.

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