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A sun kissed glow for spring

Sunless tanners offer a boost of color without harming skin with traditional tanning methods
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With the warm weather in the air, many are sporting some great spring fashions. And to make those outfits even cuter is a having a sun kissed look, the safe way.

“While everyone loves that bronzy look, we have to be so careful not to over expose our skin to the sun because it is the number one cause of premature skin damage which includes fine lines, wrinkles and age spots,” said the spokesperson from Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce skin care store and skin research center in San Diego. “One way to have the best of both worlds is with a sunless tanner which nourishes the skin.”

And of course, UV over exposure may also cause skin cancer.

The spokesperson shared that one of their top sellers by far is Sun Laboratories which is sold in either a lotion or mist. And both blends are paraben-free, and robust in vitamins C, E, and offers hydrating properties of sweet almond oil.

Users tout the great natural, instant bronze tint.

The spokesperson shared when looking for a sunless tanner, double check the product does the following:

*Hydrates so it does not peel or flake off

*Does not clog pores

*Has a nice scent but not an overpowering one

*Paraben-free and has natural ingredients

*Fast drying and does not streak

*Offers SPF protection

“Not only is a sunless tanner a safe option to our skin’s health and wellness, but it will promote more gorgeous and youthful skin in the years to come,” she said. “And that’s the best gift we can give ourselves.”

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