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A Success Story

In my last article I gave you a description of a medical situation this stray cat was living with and that at last it was brought to our shelter for attention.

Cocotte went to the clinic and came back after a first operation with a relatively good health. But soon after, she had a relapse and had to be brought to the clinic again as an emergency case.

So the vet decided to spay her and tack the intestine from the Inside at the same time. It was quite an operation and Cocotte suffered deeply. She stopped eating altogether and became so dehydrated that she was put on IV fluids for a few days. The clinic claims they forcefed her but I have no proof of that. So after a few days, a volunteer took her in just to do that.

So after another visit to the clinic where they finally gave the cat the right pill to stimulate her appetite, Cocotte decided to eat by herself. She never stopped. She is gaining weight, purring and most of all, the volunteer found a permanent home for her. She will be loved and pampered for a change. She so deserves it, poor baby after being neglected and thrown in the street in the middle of winter because her condition was soiling the apartment.

But such rescues and vet bills put a huge strain on the finances of the shelter. We depend on clinics for special operations and conditions even if we can do a lot with the others. Remember Friday ? The little guy we saved after he spent a month under a garage, cooped up by snow, he froze its little paws. Well, he is doing fine and has found a permanent home also.

I know whealthy animal lovers would be in a position to help us in our quest to help strays in peril and we ask of you if you know any to let them know of our situation. Québec is not the most generous province when it comes to animal causes and stray cats is not a noble cause. Cancer is at the moment.

If you would like to know how to help, please go here. Thank you.

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