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A strange little diversion to your day: Lightship Helsinki, complete with bar

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Sometimes in your travels, you come across something that defies description. Though showing slideshows of your trip to a captive audience was the past-time of a different era, a few pictures can illustrate a good yarn.

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I came across such a weird, wonderful attraction in Helsinki, "Lighthouse Helsinki". It's located in the harbor across the street from Restaurant Olo. According to, the ship was built in St. Petersburg in 1912 and was originally named as Libauskij. It came to Finland in 1917 as war booty. It's been a lightship in Helsinki and also near Rauma until 1959, when the lighthouse near Helsinki got completed. Nowadays, there is a museum and summer bar on ship.

Though the signs are mostly in Finnish and the bartender doesn't speak a lot of English, some things are universal. If you like dime museums and free things, you'll love looking at the offbeat little collectibles in the ship's museum. I didn't hang around the bar, because there were no other women on board and well, when traveling abroad, it's good to be careful. However, I heard from other people that women are very safe in Helsinki.

I was there in October and the bar was still running. Apparently, the boat is for sale, so catch this oddity while you can!

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