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A story of personal victory through martial arts

The video included in this article was written, filmed and produced by a martial arts student at Pilsung ATA Martial Arts in Greenwood, Indiana. The young lady, Ms. Kaur, and her filming partner Ms. Genier approached the Instructors and students of Pilsung ATA with a special request. They wanted to film a short documentary on another student at the school. Their mission was to help the community understand the effects of bullying in the high schools and the power to heal found in the martial arts.

Traditional martial arts has the power to change lives in all sorts of positive ways.
Karmveer Kaur & Kendall Genier

The story is one hundred percent accurate, no actors, no embellishment of the facts. Listen to the story, discover for yourself the power of the martial arts to heal those being tormented by bullying. Watch the video, see the concept of family strength and support extended to include the power of a martial arts community. The true value of the martial arts schools in our communities goes far beyond teaching simple self-defense techniques and flashy routines for competition.

The young man that serves as the focal point for the video should serve as an inspiration for those being tormented by bullying. Seek help from the martial arts schools in your community, find a family of people who can help you overcome and grow stronger and more confident than you have ever been. Getting involved in a martial art such as Taekwondo, a traditional art focused on building oneself mentally and physically, can give you the ability to defeat bullies by reaching your personal potential.

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