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A Stormy Night In Memphis

Randy Cresswell

Today, I will talk about my adventures from last night through all the storm and weary traveling in Memphis.

As the bottom fell out while driving, I made a bee-line to be favorite spot, TGI Fridays - Wolfchase, to get some supper and a drink due to my power being out at the house. What ended up happening was something that I had not seen happen before in the 7 years I have been going there, though have heard of it happening before, more on that in moment.

After surviving the treacherous floods that turned my 2005 Ford Taurus into a life raft of sorts, I arrive and have already prepared myself a lengthy visit due to the rain and winds. And what is a guy to do? "Let me get a Miller Lite, draft, short glass and, oh, Endless Apps, tell me more…" Yeah, I did that, sorry guys. But in my defense, I elected against it.

So after eating my tasty Buffalo Boneless Wings and watching the sky fall (queue 007 reference) with the limited amount of patrons in the bar…tragedy strikes…the power goes out. Never in my life have I been at Fridays, or any restaurant for that matter, the power just shut off!

The large rejoicing of bar patrons with glasses shimmering from the emergency lights being raised high into air as a large murmur of "free drinks" started growing. Kidding of course, at least I hope they were. Within 10 minutes, the power was restored and all was right in the world of the Fridays staff who could now collect money to close of the checks for the night. That was the tragedy part I spoke of by the way, the tragedy that the free drinks were off the table. Poor patrons…enjoy the apps.

The highlight of the night is that I learned that when you are soaking wet from walking in from the storm and that the only other shirt you have with you is a black button up and you ALSO happen to be wearing jeans…don’t put on the black button up. Just…stay wet and cold…because if you change that shirt at Fridays…you are somehow, as far as the guests are concerned, working there. I really, honestly, truly thought that the green WWE 24/7 hat and the beer in my hand with flip flops as my shoe apparel of the evening would have given off the "he doesn’t work here vibe"…I was wrong. God forgive me I was wrong. Time to move on with my evening.

Of the three spots I would pass by on the way home, I decided to pick TJ Mulligans due to my previous two stops there over the last week and they were all wonderful. Typically, third time is the charm, but at TJ Mulligans Trinity…"charm" had a different meaning.

Upon entering the fine establishment, I was once again forced with a Two Face from DC Comics choice, the dark half or light half of the bar. Light half it is, it’s late; I don’t want to fall asleep. I noticed a lot of the patrons from Fridays had arrived. I also noticed a former employee of my favorite bar I had not seen in a while that reminds me a money sucking succubus. I avoid her like the plague for those reasons. Now my initial reaction to the bartender is not unlike others, courteous, hellos, what you want to drink, here are our specials. That was fine. Got my pint of Miller Lite and watched some Soccer (did you hear about that one joke about Brazil?) As the night quickly progressed, it seemed as though the bartender in question was simply more concerned with her phone, her friends at the bar top, and well…not her job.

After a 10 minute wait, the other bartender from the other side came and saw my glass. Refilled it and then went to my bartender and let her know she had taken care of me. This is where it gets interesting because up until now, if you are still reading, it’s been a light-hearted story. At this point and time she wishes to actually get to know her patron, asked for my name which I stated. "Randy". Her response was to repeat my name three times in, what I can kindly say in this extremely PC world we live in now, stated my name as if I was a mentally challenged child. She then said her name and just sort of…walked away. Needless to say, I needed my tab. I was offered a shot and beer before I got my check and gladly accepted, signed and tipped (even though I was pissed, she got a tip), and left.

After some venting to a friend of mine and wrong turn later, I arrived home and settled in for that night. Needless to say, TJ Mulligans Trinity has seen the last of my hard earned money. People shouldn’t be talked to like mentally challenged child because you either angry someone took care of your customer you obviously had no idea you needed to take care of or you were simply attempting to be cute.

That is my story of my night, my tale of the evening, the humor of wearing the bar’s work attire to avoid damp clothing to the inept bartender who just ruined a perfectly good evening. By the way, for those wondering, the succubus left alone…no men or women were drained of their money or lives in the making of this story.

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