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A steamy romance novel with an intriguing premise

The Love Makers

When it comes to love, it often happens that we fall for the wrong people. Romance is a tricky thing, and it can rarely be controlled. But, what if there was a company that specialized in this field? What if their services included creating the perfect situations that would induce love and romance between two people? ‘The Love Makers’ by Y.L. Cantrell starts from this premise, and it develops into a fun, entertaining sizzling romance novel that will keep readers glued to the pages.

The Love Makers Agency, of LMA, is the brain child of Vivionne Wayne, a psychologist who used her extensive studies and experience to come up with the best methods for making people fall in love. Her organization operates under a theory based on the psychological condition called the Stockholm Syndrome. This means that her agents have to stage dangerous and exciting adventures for the company’s clients, because these kinds of traumatic events determine people to fall in love. When they are under pressure and they believe the situation they find themselves in is life-threatening, they tend to get attached to the other person and develop feelings for him or her. The methods used by LMA are not exactly ethical, but they do give the best results.

Vivionne’s business goes perfectly well until a dangerous predator turns the tables on the agency and puts her and her best friend, Boris, in a similar situation. The only difference is that this time everything is real. Boris and Vivionne are forced to finally admit their feelings towards each other after trying to be as professional as possible. Their company’s motto is ‘Romance + Danger = Explosive Passion! We make love happen for you!’, and now they understand how well this combination works.

‘The Love Makers’ is Y.L. Cantrell’s debut novel, and it was first written as a screenplay. The author decided to expand and develop it, and the result is a hot, steamy romance that readers won’t be able to put down. A clever plot, well-developed characters, unexpected twists and hilarious situations – ‘The Love Makers’ has everything it needs to make anyone read it in one sitting and then want more of the author’s writing.

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