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A Startling Fact about IRS Tax Garnishments in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut, solving IRS tax problems like levy or garnishments will likely be a lot tougher for you than any other people in the United States. This is because Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the nation with per capita income of over $70,000. So if a person here earns $60,000 a year, it doesn't mean that he or she is rich. But they are having hard time with the IRS to make them understand this, particularly if the IRS agent is from another state.
Since the fallout from the 2008 Wall Street crisis, Connecticut has been really struggling to regain its foothold. Further the cost of living has never stopped rising and the CT residents are really struggling to cope with it. To make the matter worse, taxes has been increased manifold since the government spends more taxes per capita to meet the growing demand of services and high community standards. But lots of poor people are living here who doesn't earn enough to even qualify for the taxes.

IRS Tax Garnishment

The IRS is going after the taxpayers irrespective of whether they live in distressed areas like New Haven or in well-off cities like Fairfield. So if you try to contact an IRS agent to get help with the release of IRS garnishment, you won’t be getting the best solution from them since not every agent knows the actual cost of living in your city and how much tax you can afford.

Most taxpayers may find challenging to negotiate with the IRS if they don't know the right way to get their tax garnishment released. This is why it is always best to seek assistance from IRS garnishment lawyer to handle the case. These tax specialists will first try every possible way to move your case to one of the two Connecticut appeal offices - East Hartford and New Haven. So you get someone in Connecticut to hear your garnishment release case who can better understand your situation.

After getting your case moved to Connecticut office, these expert tax attorneys will work with you and find out the ways to qualify many of your expenses under tax deductible. They will do all the talking for you with the agent. The IRS has warned taxpayers that huge penalties and even jail time will be imposed if they find dishonesty in the reports. Further the IRS will no longer negotiate with that particular taxpayer. To avoid these situations, your tax attorney will pay careful attention to prevent any claim for erroneous deductions.

An IRS garnishment can take up to two-thirds of your income and can put you in severe financial hardship. So get the help of tax attorney right away who can transfer your case to local appeal officers in Connecticut. This will make easier for you to explain your financial situation and how much money you can afford each month, thereby maximizing the chance of getting the garnishment released.

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