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A Star has Fallen...

Where were you when??

One of the great stars of the Hollywood era has passed a long and eventful life. Her life touched many and will be missed by even more as she leaves an empty spot on stage.
One of the great stars of the Hollywood era has passed a long and eventful life. Her life touched many and will be missed by even more as she leaves an empty spot on stage.
Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images
A star has fallen

A question often asked but many this time will not be able to provide an answer.

One of Hollywood's finest stars has fallen. Lauren Bacall known for both being married to Humphrey Bogart and for making fine films, has passed away leaving behind three children, two husbands, and many films.

Lauren Bacall shocked the known world at the time of her debut for being beautiful and charming. She snagged one of Hollywood's better actors Humphrey Bogart at just 19 and he not only in his 40's but three times married.

Their romance made the covers of magazines and yet was short lived. Their Camelot was cut short by his death from Cancer, after the birth of two children to their marriage.

The movies they made together are cult classics, "To Have and Have Not", "The Big Sleep", and "Key Largo". Her other films are also well watched such as her Agatha Christie, "Orient Express", or "How to Marry a Millionaire" with Marilyn Monroe.

She was born in Brooklyn in 1942, a once small village across the river from downtown Manhatten until the Brooklyn Bridge was built, causing the smaller city to go into decline. Immigrants such as her parents, Jews from Romania were able to afford a decent place to live and raise their own daughter.

Her real name was Betty Joan Perske, Bacall was one of her mothers maiden names, Weinstein-Bacal. Hollywood changed her name to fit themselves, and yet she rarely altered herself to fit them.

A magazine cover girl her made it into the spotlight with her husky voice and delightful "look".

Jason Robard's was her second husband, with one child Sam Robard's also an actor. Stephen and Leslie Bogart are the children of the first marriage. One of her more famous relatives is Shimon Peres, the ninth president of Isreal.

What will be missed more, her beauty, charm or the ability to deliver a line such as in "Orient Express" with the knife being held up towards Hercule Piorot or her whistle line towards a much older Humphrey Bogart?

Anyone who has interviewed her knows who difficult it is to concentrate on the obvious without considering what her life was really like, coming from the busy New York to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Spending her youth in front of cameras, then fighting for a life for herself after the death of her first husband, recreating a life for her children at the now famous apartment complex Dakota, overlooking Central Park, a long way from the tiny Curior-Ives plate village.

Contemporary art's will never be the same with the advent of the Camera and talking pictures, for during the Golden Age of Hollywood there were many fine actors and actresses but few managed to continue their career throughout their lives on stage. Some of her co-actors were Kurt Douglas, Henry Fonda, Jeff Bridges, and even Pierce Brosnan.

Where will you be while watching one of her films in the near future, while remembering a time gone by or considering whether or not her life had any affect upon the viewers of her films, and whether or not if she had lived at a different time, would she have gone into politics herself or any other careers for which a beautiful and charming women would have excelled?

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