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A Spring 2014 refresher on consignment

A refresher on spring consignment is worth studying as you clean out your closets and drawers for the changing seasons. Many people earn a little extra money by consigning clothing, accessories and jewelry. Usually, these are items that have been left in the closet and not used or, perhaps, worn only once or twice. We all have something that doesn’t fit quite right, may be a wee bit too short or tight, or a gorgeous pair of shoes we haven’t worn that doesn’t match anything at all. Rather than giving it to charity, which is always a much-appreciated and choice, we can choose to consign it. In economic times when every penny counts, the extra income can be very helpful. Depending upon how much you do and what you have, you can earn from $5 to $100 per month, and perhaps even more.

Clothing must be washed, ironed and on hangers
George Hodan

First, choose the items you want to consign. They may come from your own wardrobe, from neighborhood tag sales, from local thrift shops, or from friends and relatives. Here are some rules to follow if you consign your items at Roundabouts Consignments, a favorite places to buy and sell clothing on consignment.

First you need to set up an account. This is very easy to do, and you will be assigned a consignor number. Roundabouts Consignments currently has over 17,000 active consignors. Once you have an account, you can check your activity and see what has been sold by going to Roundabouts Consignments website and signing in on the Consignor page. Your email address is also your password.

  1. Roundabouts Consignments will accept up to fifteen items at a time. You may want to take a few extra if you have them, since some will almost invariably be returned with a, ‘No, thank you.’
  2. Clothing must be in season. Right now, Roundabouts is accepting transitional and spring fashions and accessories. If you have something very summery, hold it and wait a few more weeks.
  3. Clothing must be brought in clean, pressed and on hangers.
  4. Check very, very carefully for any tiny flaws, such as spot, stain or discoloration, pilling or pin-holes, fading or signs of wear. They are checked with an eagle eye and will be returned, ‘No, thank you.’
  5. Roundabouts Consignment does not accept clothing with budget price labels, such as Faded Glory and White Stag. They no longer accept Cato fashions unless they are new with tags. They also do not accept any intimate apparel that comes in contact with the crotch. Be careful of bringing in teddies or negligees.
  6. Roundabouts Consignments does accept maternity wear and, like everything else, it must be in like-new condition and of good quality. This is ideal for expectant mothers who wear them for only four or five months.
  7. If you are looking for fashions to consign, look for the more expensive brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ann Taylor Loft and Ralph Lauren.
  8. You may also consign handbags, shoes and boots, accessories and jewelry. Designer names are best, sterling silver and gold jewelry take first priority, and shoes and boots with very little or no wear are usually accepted. With handbags, brands such as Coach, Strada and D’Margeaux are the best choices.
  9. Roundabouts Consignments does not buy clothing outright. Some consignment shops in Columbia do, however. If you are selling fashions for juniors, you might want to check Plato's Closet. It never hurts to call a consignment shop or check its website to find out whether they buy or not.
  10. After clothing has been checked, you will be given a receipt with the number of items on it.

Watch the video for more tips on how to sell at consignment shops.

Roundabouts Consignments is a wonderful place to buy clothing for the family, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and much more. It’s also a fun way to earn a little extra money by becoming a consignor.

For more information, please visit Roundabouts Consignments website. The store is located at 70 Polo Road, right around the corner from Two Notch Road and behind Bank of America. Hopefully everyone will begin consigning for spring and earn a little more while spending a little less.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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