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A Spiritual Journey to a Purpose Driven Life Full of Self Love, Courage and Hope

Wake up rested

Spend time in the word

Memorize a verse in the shower


Look at yourself naked in the mirror. Accept your body. Understand the media's lies. Let the beauty from within radiate outward.

Get your favorite bottle of lotion. Start at your toes and thank The Lord for every inch of your being. Your feet for allowing you to stand. Your legs and the ability to walk. Your hands and the lives the touch, the things they create.

I am not yet there on this one myself, but treat your body with respect. Quit smoking, Steph! Start exercising... Eat healthy. Rest more. All the things we say we will do on a regular basis yet rarely follow through on. How much time wasted on bad habits!

Embrace your true self. Let go of the shame. Don't be afraid to dig deep. You are free! You can stop hiding. Kick the coping mechanisms to the curb. Addiction is numbing. "Let it go!" You along with God and "The Christ through whom all things we can do" will have the strength to stand.

Eliminate stress.

Do something you love for work!

Be honest with the real you. Surround yourself with positive people who won't judge you as you follow your passion.


We've all made bad decisions. We are not bad people. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with dignity.

Sing! At the top of your lungs.


Eat what makes your body feel good.


Enjoy the small things!

Create something.

Do something you're good at.

Truly forgive yourself for your mistakes and decisions from your past.

Go out of your way for another human being.

See yourself through your dogs eyes. You are awesome!

Find your happy place. Go there for retreat.

Work toward financial freedom.

Allow yourself to take a nap.

Avoid escaping. Don't be afraid to look inward. Dig deep.

Be spontaneous! Allow yourself to feel the joy of a 5 year old at Disney Land. Don't be afraid to ride the wave and also allow yourself to feel the moments of profound sadness.

Embrace your faith. Hold on to hope.

Live the life you want... The one that truly makes you happy, not the one that society dictates.

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