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A spirited interview with Beyond the Veil Investigations Royal Oak

Ethereal Blessings.

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Beyond The Veil Investigations Royal Oak

Today is a special treat for the readers who practice ghost hunting or at least acknowledge the world of the Dead in their Path as a Pagan. Right here in Metro Detroit is located one of the best little gems in the Mid West, Beyond The Veil Investigations of Royal Oak. Located at 418 East Fourth Street, they are a hop, skip, and a drive from Detroit proper. And, amazingly, their services are free of charge for Investigations.

The Team was gracious enough to let me interview them about their Operation. Four members decided to give their take on various questions, and this writer is proud to present them here. So pull up a chair and put down that pendulum while we take a trip into their world.

First, I would like to thank you for taking time out to do this interview. It is not often that I get to cover the topic of the interaction between the world of the discarnate and the living.

“So, before we get started, let's let everyone know just who have the pleasure of interviewing. Who are you and what is your role at Beyond The Veil Investigations Royal Oak?”

“I’m Candy Isaacson, Director and Co-Founder of Beyond The Veil Royal Oak.” - Candy

“My name is Karen Wakeford. As a team member, I set up equipment, do investigations, and analyze the resulting pictures, videos and tapes.” - Karen

“My name is Jay and I’m the camera guy. I take lots pictures , and a Co-Founder.” - Jay

“My name is Michael Miller. I am a founding member/investigator.” - Mike

“I see your mission is to provide a service and instruction for the paranormal needs of your clients. What do services normally entail?”

“Services normally entail Interview before Investigation, and then the Investigation. After Investigation, we see if we captured anything paranormal. If so, we present our findings to the client. We guide them with basic “tools” - salt sage etc. We also tell them to take charge of their homes and give spirits/ghosts rules. Such as”you will not harass my children” or “you can only talk between the hours of 7:30am till 9: pm”. The latter puts clients in control. If this does not work, we suggest finding their holy person of their choice to cleanse home. We have also done house cleansing with clients, if they so choose. If we do not find any evidence, we tell them to try another paranormal service, and suggest other paranormal investigating teams to them. In Michigan, we have a huge paranormal community that works together, not apart. People that live here are lucky!” - Candy

“When doing an investigation, what kind of intake process does a prospective client usually experience?”

“Usually when we Interview prospective client, we ask ”when did this start” followed by a multitude of questions, depending on activity. We also ask if they have started taken any new medications lately? Has there been a traumatic incident? Were there any renovations lately? But understand, we are not there to mock anyone. We are anxious to help the prospective client anyway we can.” - Candy

“What equipment is used in your work?”

“Our equipment is simple and complex. We have used digital cameras, full spectrum video cameras, i.r.(night) vision cameras, recorders, dowsing rods, thermal mats, r.e.m.pods, spirit boxes, ovilius, flashlights, first aid kit anomaly meters, toys, baby powder, tape new extra batteries...The list keeps growing!”- Candy

“What are you looking for as far as indicators that there is significant paranormal activity?”

“As far as indicators from the client, we ask them to tell us their story. Then specifically what is occurring, how often, where at the location, what time of the day, and who they may think is responsible. What is the history of the location, etc. I am always looking for the reasons that it isn’t paranormal, until obvious results occur from our evidence gathering.
I also use my internal senses of knowing people, experiences, and intuition to gather my evidence.” - Mike

“What skills are strongest for each of you?”

“My “people skills” are my strongest point. That’s why I’m the Director. I used to be involved with lil league football. From general manager to V.P. of the OMYFA league. I have seen a lot of situations, and know what to do, how to do….if not I’m sure I know someone that will! I’m not humble either! (Laughing).” - Candy

“I have a very analytical mind and am always looking for a more efficient ways to do a job.” - Karen

“I’m also clairvoyant, psychic and an empath.” - Jay

“Do all of you work in the field?”

“We all work in different fields outside of our paranormal investigations, so we all go into the investigations from different perspectives. What one of us may miss another will catch. This is very helpful when analyzing the pictures, videos, and tapes.” - Karen

“Depending on the size of the investigation. Yes, all of us in Beyond The Veil all work in the field.” - Jay .

“How long have you been in this line of investigation?”

“We have all been doing for a while now on our own. Our first investigation together was in October 2010. However our first investigation as Beyond the Veil was Feb 2011.” -Candy

“We have been all been interested in the paranormal most of our lives. We started as a group about three and a half years ago, each bringing in our own abilities.- Karen

“I have always been the ability to see and hear from the other side but i have only been doing this with beyond the veil 2011” - Jay

“I think I’ve been doing this about 3-4 years now.” - Mike

“What, if any, extrasensory skills do you utilize in your work?”

“Psychic, and medium, however I try not to use these gifts. I would rather have proof of paranormal than what I sense, or see. My team will tell you this about me.” - Candy

“I sense spirits rather than see them. I get mental impressions of what they look like, and being empathic, I feel their current emotional state, and at times clairaudient. When I first go to a suspected, haunted place, I open myself up psychically, like putting out a radar signal to see what comes back. From there, we will go to the areas where signal is strongest first. This helps to find an area where you may get scientific proof of a haunting. Even though we may get psychic impressions at a site, only the scientific proof is relevant in our analysis.” - Karen

“Clairvoyance, psychic and a empathy” - Jay

“In the course of your interactions with clients, how often do they request a blessing or clearing of the site? Is there a particular religious preference often?”

“As far as religion for house blessings, or cleansing, we have noticed that there are a lot of people who really show no preference.” - Candy

“Is this always possible or desirable?”

“If they desire a blessing/cleansing it’s always possible. Clients have to have faith in themselves and/or their beliefs to achieve this.” - Candy

“Do you use outside Mediums, Psychics, or Magical practitioners in your work?”

“Yes we have used psychics, mediums, magical practitioners, and healers to aid clients. We have had great success in doing this!” - Candy

“What means do you help the client with in order to live harmoniously with the phenomena?

“I try to assure them that none of this will harm them. And usually it’s someone, (entity) just trying to get their attention. How would you like to be ignored in your own house all the time? You would get crazy and do crazy-like actions for attention. I inform them that they are more powerful and have the final say in what happens in their home. Their intention means everything. If need be, take the necessary precautions that work for you. Also, have fun with it. Makes for a great story.”- Mike

“What would you say is the biggest misconception about what you do?”

“That we are all having fun! Like on TV! I personally tell people who want to do this, it’s most definitely fun, but also as boring! Ever watch a screen for 20+ hours hoping to catch something moving? Or try to get history on a house whose city and county has lost the records for? That’s the part the do not show on TV!” - Candy

“The belief that we go into investigations with our own agenda. We are there for the client, to help according to their needs. At the end of the day, we follow whatever the clients want.” - Karen

“That people think that the spirits don’t exist. They are stuck in the 1900 century. People don’t understand things they can’t see or touch , so why believe in things that are unknown to a everyday life.” - Jay

“What do you think about the advances in the science of paranormal investigation, where do you think it is going in the next ten years insofar as techniques and equipment?”

“Our imagination is limitless. I think the key will be providing more sensitive equipment that can capture the subtle more accurately. It’s rare that we capture something that is completely obvious. And that is what you usually see on the TV show. Evidence that is sketchy. Better equipment will provide the results that we desire. The sky’s the limit in this category.” - Mike

“What are some of you favorite public sites that you are at liberty to discuss?”

“Blood Rd was the best site that I loved, Cry Baby Bridge.” - Jay

“I would say a house we investigated in Madison Heights, and in Metamora Michigan.
Both sites had multiple layers of spirit activity. MH- two members used their psychic abilities to chase a very “negative” energy (I’m not big on labeling things “demonic.”
Not enough evidence to verify if that label is accurate in my book) into a mirror, and it worked. The place felt differently afterward and the homeowners attest to that. And I “heard” a very drunk, angry grandfather cuss out one of our team members.
In Metamora, I captured a very clear, class “A” EVP, stating “You Hottie” and my partner Candy was referred as “Sexy.” And we weren’t talking to each other that way! So, for any of you in this world lonely or think you are not being checked out by those on the “other side,” don’t be fooling yourselves. They are! LOL.” - Mike

“Are there any team moments that stick out in your mind?”

“Our first and second investigation, the abandoned city hall building in Marine City. It was our first investigation as Beyond the Veil Royal Oak! We actually caught fully formed spirit moving in between walls! In between, like walking the full length of wall, inside. There was a cut out, for duct work but its covered with a wire mesh screen, and vent covers. We tried to duplicate but can’t!” - Candy

“When injured at an investigation, I found that the whole paranormal community was there in mind, body and spirit, especially Beyond The Veil team.” - Karen

“Yes we investigate as a team. The day we went to investigate, we as a team had the opportunity to find out what happened in the house we were about to investigate. I myself don’t like to hear the facts of a house or a place. I like to head in blind to find the evidence before I’m told the history. On this day, before walking up to the house I felt an overwhelming feeling that something had happened to a gentleman. I got very sick and I turned white with a feeling of death. The young woman that lives next door to the house we were about to investigate looked at me like as to say she knew that I knew something happened here before even telling us.

As a team, I turned around and spoke with Candy and told her someone killed themselves here by a gun to the head, or a murder took place. And I was right. The young man that lived here was a soldier that came home from fighting in the war and became very depressed one night. Decided to end his own life by putting a pillow over his head and pulling the trigger. On entering the home, I went right down the stairs and stood in the room where the young man ended his life. I felt the bullet, I could smell the blood,. Hell, I could still see the blood where they tried to paint over it. I could see the way he laid in his bed that night, asking for peace and forgiveness.” - Jay

“What would you most like people to know about Beyond The Veil Investigations Royal Oak and its team?”

“We all believe in our investigations as a service to help others when they feel they have no one else to go. If we cannot provide the needed help, we always point them to other groups or people that may be able to help.” - Karen

“Bonus Question: Favorite film or series about the Paranormal?”

“My favorite show? It’s a tie. The Haunted Collector (which has been taken off) and Ghost Hunters.” - Candy

“I have always enjoyed Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, and Haunted Collector” - Karen

“I don’t watch movies on the paranormal because it’s not real. As far as series, I would have to say Ghost Adventures.” - Jay

“The Awakening” with Rebecca Hall and Dominic West fantastic film. Also, Six Sense with Bruce Willis, and when I did watch TV, Ghost Adventures, the beginning seasons.”- Mike

“Anything else you would like to make sure we understand that we may not have addressed?”

“I would like everyone to understand that we all come from different jobs, and walking our paths. I was a federal worker. I x- rayed packages coming into a large banking facility for needles, bombs etc., our group has ex-military/cops, engineers, state workers, food industry workers, designers, and artists….we are very diverse! I would also like to mention this and clarify again. We are part of a huge paranormal unity community. Here in Michigan we share our findings with other groups. For instance a few of these groups’ names are. Into the Afterlife Paranormal Investigations, Marter Paranormal,313 Paranormal, Down river Paranormal, Tri City Ghost Hunters Society,, Metro Paranormal, Motor City paranormal., Spirit World Paranormal Investigations, U.P. Paranormal Research, and Last Rites Paranormal just to name a few. Our unity was started by Ryan Sparks, from Michigan Paranormal magazine. One last thing, we never, my group, or any of the other mentioned ever charge a fee for an investigation. In fact we have hunted together on some cases, two or three teams, at one time. We are also doing that again soon in March at Ohio State Reformatory and in June at Waverly Hills Asylum.” - Candy

“Each of us have our own various talents. Some are stronger in some abilities than in others, as well as stronger at different times. This overall makes for a good team.” - Karen

“Pagans, specifically many American Wiccans, often ascribe an increase in paranormal activity during the time between Samhain and Winter Solstice due to the belief in the thinning of the Veil between the world of the Living and that of the Dead. In your experience, has you found this to be the case?”

“It’s funny you asked about the veil being thinned. I would yes, activity does seem to kick up between Samhain and winter solstice. It’s our busy time of year. However with that being said is it the veil becoming thinner? Or perhaps people are actually becoming aware of these”ghosts/spirits”. Perhaps we are evolving!” - Candy

“We tend to believe there is more paranormal activity between Samhain and Winter Solstice because of the belief that the veil is thinner at those times, so we tend to open ourselves up more to the paranormal phenomena. When you change your belief to ‘the veil is always thin’, you will always be open to higher paranormal phenomena.” - Karen

“Yes, I find that when the veil between the worlds has been thin for sometime. Now I find it harder every day being clairvoyant and an empath, hearing and seeing spirits in an everyday world .” - Jay

“Yes, but with this caveat; I think it’s more psychological if anything… and expected. Do you usually think of ghosts at Yule/Christmas? Not usually.” - Mike

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview.

To schedule an Interview with Beyond The Veil Investigations, call 248-543-9843 for an appointment or visit their website at they will keep your name and address confidential.

If you would like to learn more about paranormal activity here, please explore local author HB Pattskyn's book "Ghosting Hunting Michigan: America's Haunted Road Trip" (Clerisy Press, 2012). You may have encountered her at the local paranormal feature event GLWC''s Kaiju Festival, where she was a guest presenter.

If you are a little more hands on with the Dead in your practices, you might want to research Necromancy under the close guidance of an experienced professional. There is a brief article on it called "The Practice of Necromancy" for a quick overview. Just keep in mind that you should never call up what you cannot put down, so keep calm and call a professional before you go wandering.

Blessed Be.

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