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A special weekend message from Rhett at Good Mews

Rhett is available for adoption from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta
Rhett is available for adoption from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta
Good Mews Animal Foundation

Rhett from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta has a special message that he posted on the Good Mews Facebook page earlier today:

Happy Friday! Man, I didn’t think it would ever get here! But here we are so there are a few things we need to discuss. First off, my name is Rhett. I have been at Good Mews for about 3 months. My family dumped me off at animal control, but we will not discuss that. I am a gentleman, so I will just keep my mouth shut. But Good Mews saved me, so all is good.

However, everyone is scratching their head, wondering why I have not been adopted yet. I am really cute, as you can see. I am super friendly and love to jump up on a lap and get pets. I get along with everyone. But I guess the right person has not come along yet. So maybe Saturday will be my lucky day! Saturday is the last day for our “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” adoption special. All male cats have a reduced adoption fee of 50%. So come visit me and consider taking me home!

So we also have the flea market going on. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so it MUST be a huge success!! And in order for it to be a success, we need your help! So please go through your house this weekend and get rid of all that stuff you keep looking at and saying “I really should get rid of this, but I like it”..hey, just get rid of it!! If you miss it after it is gone, come buy it back. But please donate. It helps keep a roof over our head! Check out our website for details on where we are accepting donations and what time.

And lastly, are your pets microchipped? If not, then what are you waiting for?? OK, so your pets stay inside. Good, that is where they need to stay. But what if you have painters over one day, or guests that don’t pay attention, and your pet runs outside? Then he ends up at animal control because nobody knows who he is. And trust me, animal control is not a fun place to be! So make your appointment today for our vaccination and microchip clinic. It will be on Sunday. [Click here for more information on the vaccination clinic.]

So pretty much, it sounds like your weekend is going to be all about Good Mews!

Rhett is a four-year old male brown and white short hair tabby. The following is some additional information about Rhett from the Good Mews website:

Rhett is a big kitty, but has a gentle soul. He loves people and wants nothing more than for them to pet him and spend time for him. If people are around, but not paying attention to him, he will make sure that they do! He will meow at you until you stop what you are doing and spend some time with him.

Rhett is a very social kitty that would love a home with people that will spend a lot of time with him. For reasons unknown to us, his former family dropped him off at animal control. So now Rhett is looking for a forever home with people that will cherish him.

So if you are looking for a cool kitty to hang out with, we think Rhett is your man!

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Click here to see an awesome video of the kitties in action at the Good Mews Shelter.

About Good Mews Animal Foundation

Good Mews is a cage-free, no-kill cat shelter offering an alternative to traditional animal shelters in the Metro Atlanta area. They provide a safe haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats until they can be placed in permanent, loving homes. Since 1988, Good Mews has placed almost 7,000 cats in forever homes. The shelter receives no government support and relies solely on donations of time, services, goods and money from its many supporters and local businesses. Good Mews is home to approximately 100 residents on any given day – most of whom reside at the Shelter in Marietta, with some cats residing in foster homes.

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