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A special weekend message from Licorice at Good Mews

Pixie is available for adoption from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta.
Good Mews Animal Foundation

Licorice from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta has a special message that he posted on the Good Mews Facebook page yesterday:

Hello, I am Licorice and this is my sister Pixie. We are the featured cats for April! A lot of people say I am too pretty to be a boy. Yea, well I am a boy. . . soo . . . boys can be pretty too.

Pixie and I are a mandatory pair because we love each other. People don’t know why we are a pair, but we don’t have to be sitting on top of each other all day to love each other. We have a special bond.

We also have opposite personalities. I am really outgoing and social. I love people and enjoy attention. And I get a lot of it, because I am so pretty and nice!

Pixie doesn’t love people. Well, she likes people, but she does not like shelter life. We are used to living in a home and then we had to move in with 85 cats and people coming in and out all day, it is stressing Pixie out. She likes quiet. So she does like people, but just in a quiet home. If she doesn’t want to be bothered, she will hiss at you, but she really is getting better. She will sometimes greet people and rub on them. You just have to watch for her signs when she is done with you.

But I know Pixie and I know she will be a great cat once we find a home. So can you help us out? Pixie would be happier in a home and I would be happier because Pixie would be happy. So if you would like to adopt two cats, please consider us, OK? We promise we will make you very happy!

Licorice is a four-year old domestic medium hair male black and white kitty. Pixie is a four-year old domestic short hair brown tabby kitty. The following is some additional information about Licorice and Pixie from the Good Mews website:

When Pixie and Licorice first came to Good Mews, they were not very happy with us. When we tried to spend time with them, they would hiss and tell us to go away. They were pretty upset, but who can blame them? One day they were sitting in a home, and the next, abandoned, out in the rain. It only took a few days, and Pixie and Licorice realized we were their friends and had nothing to do with their abandonment. We were here to love them until they joined a new loving family.

Licorice is one of the most adorable kitties you will ever meet. He has a sweet, baby face, and a loving personality. He loves the company of people and when you sit on the floor, he will rub all over you, and even get in your lap. He also likes to be held. He gets along great with other cats, and will often groom them on the top of their heads.

Pixie is still adjusting to her new life, but she does enjoy being petted. She will take a little longer to adjust to a new home, but once she does, she will be a great companion. And who can resist that adorable face?

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About Good Mews Animal Foundation

Good Mews is a cage-free, no-kill cat shelter offering an alternative to traditional animal shelters in the Metro Atlanta area. They provide a safe haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats until they can be placed in permanent, loving homes. Since 1988, Good Mews has placed almost 7,000 cats in forever homes. The shelter receives no government support and relies solely on donations of time, services, goods and money from its many supporters and local businesses. Good Mews is home to approximately 100 residents on any given day – most of whom reside at the Shelter in Marietta, with some cats residing in foster homes.

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