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A special weekend message from Fabienne at Good Mews

Fabienne is available for adoption from Good Mews in metro Atlanta.
Fabienne is available for adoption from Good Mews in metro Atlanta.
Good Mews Animal Foundation

Fabienne from Good Mews Animal Foundation has a special message that she posted on the Good Mews Facebook page earlier today:

Happy Friday from Fabienne! The year is starting out great for me because I am the featured cat for January! I am hoping that this will help me finally find my forever home! I was rescued by Good Mews when I was only one week old. Once my siblings and I were old enough for adoption, we came to the shelter. All of my siblings have found homes except me. I have been waiting for almost a year and a half. I am not sure why nobody has picked me yet. I really am a nice girl and I love to play and run. I would make a great friend. OK . . . it might have to do with the fact that on adoption days I get a little turned off by all of the noise and people, so I go sit in a tree and nap. But once it is quiet, I am all over the place! So my New Year’s resolution is to try to be out and about more on adoption days. So please say a prayer for me that January will be my lucky month!

Fabienne is a two-year old female yellow tabby cat and is available for adoption. The following is some additional information about her from the Good Mews website:

Fabienne is a special orange tabby girl (most orange cats are male) with a mischievous face. When she was one of six high-energy kittens in her foster home, she was a ringleader for the others, and one of the first to explore anything new. She loved to play, jump on your back, and sit in your lap after she’d worn herself out. She did have her independent times, but was very sweet and playful.

Since she came to Good Mews and grew into an adult cat, she has shown a different side of her personality. On adoption days, she sleeps in a cat tree, above all the activity, and seems uninterested in anything going on. While still sweet, and happy to have some pets, she keeps to herself. We think she just doesn’t enjoy all the people coming and going.

We don’t understand why such a sweet and beautiful girl has been waiting for her forever home for almost two years. Please consider coming to meet sweet Fabienne, and see if she might be a good fit for your home. She is a great companion, playful, but still has an independent side. She gets along well with other cats, but can also be an only cat. And she has such soft fur – come and see for yourself!

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