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A Special Treasure

You Are Special
You Are Special
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Commentary from Exodus 19:1 – 6

The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”

This weeks reading is “Yitro,” “Jethro.”

Today we read the most remarkable scriptures of promise, ever.

GOD has called Moses/Moshe up to HIS mountain telling Moshe what he must say to the family of Jacob, the Israelites.

Moshe must tell them, “You saw what I, (GOD) did in Egypt, carrying you on eagles’ wings and bringing you to ME.”

“Now if you obey ME, (GOD) and keep MY Covenant, you shall be MY special treasure among all the nations, even though all the World is MINE.”

“You will be a kingdom of priest and a Holy Nation to ME!”

This is the promise of GOD if we but lay down our own ideas, our own importance, our own selfish, self-fulfilling desires and follow HIS Covenant.

Why do we struggle with this simple truth?

Why have we gotten so far away from this Amazing Promise?

Many people, who proclaim to be believers, constantly “stand on,” “claim,” profess to “walk in” covenant with and under the promises of GOD, yet they do not follow HIS commandments.

How are we to call ourselves believers if we aren’t practicing what we supposedly believe?

The Covenant of GOD was to any of the people who chose to follow and Obey HIM.

Many argue this was for the “jew,” when at the time there was no such thing as a “jew.”

This covenant was offered to everyone who came out of Egypt, the “mixed multitude.” It was offered to anyone who would follow instructions and simply obey GOD and keep HIS covenant.

When did we fall so far away from this simple truth?

How can we get back?

Do you consider yourself a part of the “holy nation?”

Does GOD consider you a part of HIS “holy nation?”

How do you know… are you following in obedience, keeping HIS covenant? That is how you know.

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click HERE.

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