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A special story time with Jan Brett books


Barnes and Noble in Briargate, Colorado Springs, will be hosting a special story time featuring two of Jan Brett’s lesser known books. The two story times will be on Friday and Saturday, Jan 15 &16, 2010, at 10:30 a.m. They will be reading  The Umbrella and Hedgie Blasts Off!. These books are recommended for ages 4 to 8, and this story time is sure to be a hit with such great picture books to read!

The Umbrella is an enchanting story that includes many forest animals of South America. While little Carlos searches for a peek at some of the animals in the forest, they all crawl into the umbrella he left behind. When the umbrella ends up in the river, they discover that too much weight in their make-shift craft will sink them all. The story and illustrations were inspired by Jan Brett’s trip to the Monteverdi Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.

Although she likes to research her books by traveling to the site, Hedgie Blasts Off! presented some obstacles to this tradition. Jan Bret was unable to go into outer space as Hedgie does, but she did go to NASA. This is an inventive story with animal characters as scientists and aliens. Hedgie the hedgehog saves the day when he is the only one who can fit into a spaceship built for a robot that malfunctions. He must find out why Big Sparkler is no longer sparkling very much.

There are several other adventures for Hedgie in other books, so if your child enjoys hedghogs like Jan Brett, you should check those out as well. Jan Brett’s website is filled with wonderful coloring pages and activities that match her books. She has coloring mural project for both The Umbrella and Hedgie Blasts Off!. These projects include many coloring pages you can print off, so your children can create a mural showing their own forest or outer space adventure.

So enjoy the story time, and when you get home the fun can continue!



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