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A special request from Praline at Good Mews

Praline (and her babies) from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta.
Praline (and her babies) from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta.
Good Mews Animal Foundation

Praline from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta has a special message that she posted on the Good Mews Facebook page earlier today:

Hi - my name is Praline. I am one of the new mothers in foster care. I was at animal control, getting ready to have my babies, when Good Mews came to rescue me. I am so thankful I was able to have the babies in a safe home, and not a scary cage.

But let me tell you, it is not easy giving birth! When I went into labor, I started to meow for my foster mom. She came in and rubbed my tummy until I calmed down. I finally had two of my babies around 2 a.m. I knew there was another one in there, but he would not come out. My foster mom was worried so she rushed me to the vet and I had to have a c-section. I was really scared my baby would not make it, but he did! Now I have three healthy, cute babies: Beignet, Boudin, and Etouffe.

We are so thankful for Good Mews and the great care they are giving us until we find our forever homes, but we know that taking care of all the families in foster homes can get expensive. Here is a breakdown of some of our costs:

My treatment for ear mites: $33
My c-section: $885
My vaccines with boosters: $47
My 3 kittens' vaccines with boosters: $156
All of our combo tests: $54
All of our microchips: $40

That totals $1215 and does not even include food, litter, de-wormer, or flea meds! Please consider donating to Good Mews today, so they can continue caring for us and the other cats and kittens in foster homes and at the shelter.

Praline, Beignet, Boudin, & Etouffe

These sweet kitties will not be available for adoption for a few weeks but Good Mews has plenty of other adorable cats anxiously waiting for their forever homes. Click here to see the cats that are currently available for adoption from Good Mews.

Click here to see an awesome video of the kitties in action at the Good Mews Shelter.

About Good Mews Animal Foundation

Good Mews is a cage-free, no-kill cat shelter offering an alternative to traditional animal shelters in the Metro Atlanta area. They provide a safe haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats until they can be placed in permanent, loving homes. Since 1988, Good Mews has placed almost 7,000 cats in forever homes. The shelter receives no government support and relies solely on donations of time, services, goods and money from its many supporters and local businesses. Good Mews is home to approximately 100 residents on any given day – most of whom reside at the Shelter in Marietta, with some cats residing in foster homes.

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