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A special New York clinic opens up to women with vaginal issues

Whether your sexual satisfaction has begun to wane after giving birth, or you are unhappy with how your vaginal area looks, help is just a trip to New York away. That’s where below the belt specialist Dr. Ronald Blatt, Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery, helps women with concerns about their most private parts.

Taking care of the nether lands
Photo courtesy of Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery

“I want to help women who are struggling with their sexual self-esteem win back their bodies and maintain a positive, vibrant life. Many women do not realize there are surgical techniques to help solve their extremely personal problems. Our team listens to patients and helps educate them about the many options that are available in a manner they can trust, with total sensitivity and confidentiality,” Dr. Blatt said.

While vaginal cosmetic surgery may not be as widely recognized as breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “the vagina is gaining some surgical notoriety.” Vaginal rejuvenation grew from 2,142 procedures in 2011 to 3,521 in 2012 (64%). The Manhattan Centers for Women’s Health has approximately two cosmetic vaginal procedures scheduled each day.

Women will find everything they need for a happy sex life and self-confidence down below at the med-spa-like Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery, an AAAA Certified Surgical Facility which specializes in vaginal reconstructive surgery offering the following elective procedures:

  • · Labiaplasty: A procedure that can enhance the cosmetic appearance of the outer vagina, giving many women greater confidence and self-esteem.
  • · Vaginoplasty: This surgery tightens the vagina and surrounding muscles, increasing friction that often enhances sexual satisfaction.
  • · Vaginal Rejuvenation: Combined labiaplasty and vaginoplasty for a cosmetically enhanced and a tightened vagina in one surgical visit.
  • · Hymenoplasty: Treatment for a torn hymen is also known as hymenoplasty and is frequently done for religious or cultural reasons.

Dr. Blatt has been working in the field of women’s health for more than 30 years and is Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of The Manhattan Centers for Women’s Health (which includes the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery) in New York City, one of the world’s top healthcare practices. A board certified gynecologist and fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, he is also a member of the Medical Society of the State of NY, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecologists. Dr. Blatt’s practice has specialized in gynecology since 1994 and vaginal reconstructive surgery since 2005.

The Manhattan Centers for Women’s Health is located at 44 E 44th St, Ste 205, New York, 212.308.4066, fax: 212.308.2221,

Check out the video for more vaginal issues.



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