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A special Mother's Day of my own

Mother and daughter
Len Potter

Waking early Saturday morning to the beauty of the outdoors, I decided to read my book and finish my garden: two of my favorite pastimes. It was going to be a quiet weekend and I was so relieved. Both my children were working on Mothers Day and proud that they were employed. I picked up my cell, no longer a land line owner and noticed that they were 6 missed calls and texts from my daughter. I had forgotten to slip out of silent mode; something I NEVER do. Oh, what...not on my holiday weekend????????????

And she called, I answered and breathlessly, she was worried because I NEVER not answer the phone. She just called to say hi??????? I asked her what she was doing and she said she was busy with a communion in the afternoon which was not far from me. She lived on the North side of Chicago, no car and so it was difficult sometimes to just drop in. A little saddened by her voice that I would not see her; I quickly realized I had been given a great gift. Regardless of the consequences, I was pleased that I could be that Mom that was always there. So we hung up and I went back to my book

Within a few minutes, someone began pounding on the front door....only the police pound on my front door and I was terrified to open it....pounding like that was only bad news. Finally, my significant other wearily woke to the obnoxious interruption, wondering what the hell was going on and opened the door, a sheepish smile on his face. And there she was! My daughter who had gotten up at 6, taken a three hour train trip, and a 45 minute walk to my doorstep. In her arms was a breathtaking array of flowers, my favorite chocolates and a blue ribbon award for not having any children of my own in prison. Not only that, we ran up to Starbucks for my favorite coffee and banana walnut bread before she headed out to the communion.

And there was one more thing she allowed me to do after so many years of bad pictures for both us, my friend took our picture together; one of the best I have ever seen.

How beautiful it was to be a Mom...... in love with the concept all over again.

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