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A special message on adoption from Louisville's Ky Humane

Open Adoptions: What That Means to You!

“Adopting a pet is harder than adopting a baby!”

Have you ever heard someone say that? Well I have, more than once, and even though it’s a bit of an exaggeration - just ask anyone who has actually done both - I do get the point: trying to adopt a pet can be a difficult and frustrating process. If you want one of our super-special pets to go home with you, you’d better have the "right" answers to questions like these:
  • Are all your pets up to date on their shots? Can you prove it?
  • Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter?
  • Do you have a fenced yard?
  • Have you ever potty-trained a puppy?
  • Do you have proof of address?
  • Does your landlord allow pets? What’s his number?
  • Have you ever been unable to afford emergency veterinary care?

Please understand, we’ve asked these questions with the very best of intentions, and that has always been to find the best possible homes for the pets in our care. The funny thing, though, is that many of us who work in this field wouldn’t be able to adopt a pet ourselves based on the answers to those questions, because we’re not perfect pet owners, either. Once we realized that simple fact, it didn’t take long before we knew we had to change the way we do things…so, that's what we've done!

What does this mean to you, the adopter? It means we have faith in you, and in your ability to handle the majority of the cats or dogs available for adoption at the Kentucky Humane Society. We trust that if you’re going to go to the trouble to come to a shelter to adopt your next pet, you’ll provide a safe, loving home for that animal, and that if you’re not able to do that for any reason, you’ll either bring the pet back to us, or you’ll take the time to find another suitable home for it. We trust that you’ll take your pet to the vet as needed, provide good food and clean water, protect it from the elements, and keep it out of harm’s way. We trust that you’ll care for your new pet; we hope that you’ll love it.

For that trust to work, it has to be a two-way street … So we need you to trust us when we say we can help you find the best possible canine or feline match for your lifestyle and expectations. We need you to trust us when we give you information on house-training, feeding, or litter box issues. Mostly, we want you to trust us when we say we’re here to help.

We're ready! Are you?

Susan McKellep, Shelter

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