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A special message from Mariana at Furkids

Mariana is one of the thousands of kitties rescued by Furkids in metro Atlanta
Mariana is one of the thousands of kitties rescued by Furkids in metro Atlanta

Mariana from Furkids in metro Atlanta has a special message that she posted on the Furkids Facebook page earlier today:

Hi, I'm Mariana, and they say I'm a "Meer-Uh-Kull". I don't know what that means, but I THINK it means that everyone loves me! I have something strange inside of me called a "heart defect"...I saw that on the paper from my doctor visit. The nice people at the University of Georgia make movies of my heart sometimes. I am very good when they do that, and they carry me around afterward; telling me that they love me, and telling other people that I am a "Meer-Uh-Kull". I like that!

Every day I take special medicine. But mostly, I play, and sun myself on my Catio; and snooze on the cable modem and eat yummy stuff. I am a very happy girl! Foster Mom says that I will live with her forever and ever. She also says she and Foster Dad "sponsor" me, so that I get my special medicine; and visits to UGA. I think that means they love me! Foster Mom says that other kitties need sponsors, they can be "Meer-A-Kulls" too! Could you donate, or sponsor a special kitty, at And please share my story? I want lots of kitties to be "Meer-Uh-Kulls". We can start a club! Thank you, I love you!

For a $50 donation you can sponsor a Furkid for a month. Your name will appear on the Furkids’ website on the Adoptable Cats page along with the bio of your sponsored kitty. Click here to set up a sponsorship for one month or more.

Click here if you are interested in adopting a cat from Furkids.

Click here to see all of the cats available for adoption from Furkids.

Click here to see the Furkids Adoption Center locations in metro Atlanta.

In 2013, Furkids saved 1,597 dogs and cats and found forever homes for 1,351 dogs and cats. Click here to read more about Furkids’ mission and history.

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