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A spa's clients are literally dying to lose weight on ‘Supernatural’

Sam and Dean get jobs at a ritzy spa after its clients begin dying off from dramatic weight loss, according to TV Guide.

Sam and Dean investigate a posh spa where clients are dying to be thin on 'Supernatural.'
The CW

The TV Guide synopsis of the episode entitled, “The Purge,” reads the Winchester Brothers, “…work undercover at a spa to investigate murders in which the victims were hundreds of pounds lighter after their deaths. All of the victims attended the spa for weight loss; and the brothers suspect that witches are to blame.”

According to Screen Crush, while at the spa, Sam teaches yoga, while Dean is stuck wearing a hairnet as part of Canyon Valley’s kitchen staff.

The CW also notes in tonight’s “Supernatural,” Dean discovers the spa is serving “tainted food” after sampling the goods and passing out. Thus, the brothers surmise “someone is drugging the guests and literally sucking all of the fat out of them until they die.”

The “Supernatural” episode “The Purge,” airs Tuesday night at 9/8c on the CW.

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