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A somber side of fashion

Your teenage daughter is expressing interest in the glamorous fashion world. Maybe she has a flare for designing, or would rather model the clothes created. You want to be encouraging, so you start to look up examples of women that are successful business women in this industry. For example, Tyra Banks parlayed her success as a top fashion model to hosting and producing a television show that runs a competition for other young models break into the business.
As you search the internet, you come across the sad news of the apparent suicide of L’Wren Scott, a famous fashion designer. Though it is a difficult and regrettable subject to broach, it is possible for this news story to be an age-appropriate teachable moment:
• Permanent solution to a temporary problem: according to the news reports, Ms. Scott was having financial issues with her business, which had hefty amounts of debt to the tune of over $6 million. You can share with your child that though heavy woes are a struggle, there is always a solution that doesn't have to take a drastic turn.
• Radiating to surrounding people: After the discovery, her family and boyfriend’s lives are never the same. It doesn't matter that her partner is super star Mick Jagger, the emotions are the same—devastation and shock. Unfortunately, the hard lesson here is suicide is not a one sided issue, it affects all the people remaining who are left with unbearably unanswered questions.
• Empathy for the victim: L’Wren Scott was a beautiful and talented designer and business woman. She was also a human being who was in pain. The lesson to be learned here is that unfortunately know one truly knows why a person would take this permanent step. What can be said is not to blame the victim and to have her accomplishments and personality be remembered.

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