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A snowy afternoon in Central Park

People sledding on Cedar Hill in Central Park
People sledding on Cedar Hill in Central Park
Jai Waltz

Anytime of the year is good to visit Central Park in New York City. But with the recent polar vortexes that brought frigid temperatures to the region, many opted to stay indoors and not partake so much in usual winter activity. But once the polar vortex was gone and the weather warmed up a bit, people began to enjoy the winter activities that Central Park can offer.

Look at the ice angel in Central Park spreading her wings
Jai Waltz

Just walking in Central Park on a snowy day is a breathtaking sight. People walking their dogs and couples holding hands casually walked along the shoveled trails as they gazed at the blankets of snow around them. A fresh dusting of snow was also falling during this time, which added to the atmosphere.

The ice sculptures that were made in Central Park a couple of weeks ago were still up and were considered picture worthy by many walking by Even though they were man made, their presence added to the natural winter beauty.

For many children, Cedar Hill is the most fun spot in the park in the winter. Accessed at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 79th Street, anyone can go sledding or rolling down the hill. Some parents even got into the mood to be a kid again and slide down the hill with their kids. Snowmen could be made here or anywhere in the park also but the snow in that area was not good on this day unfortunately.

There is also a café in the middle of the park that offers hot food and drink. But unfortunately they close early, so maybe it is best to bring a thermos and fill with coffee or hot chocolate for the snowy adventure ahead.

Even in pictures, the blanket of snow covering the ground and trees in Central Park is pretty. Central Park is truly a winter wonderland right in the middle of the big city.