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A Snow Day? Make it a Spring Day in your home Here's how...

Here's what I think of "snow days"!  Pull out some Spring color and scrape away Ol' Man Winter!
Here's what I think of "snow days"! Pull out some Spring color and scrape away Ol' Man Winter!

If you’re within a thousand miles to the east of Kansas City, you’re probably stuck at home today. The media calls it a “snow day”. I call it a “slow day”!  The hours are dragging as I look out the windows watching the snow pile up into drifts that will last for weeks. I’m so tired of winter in Kansas I could scream!

This has been an unusually long, grey, cold season and I’m so ready for a change. The Christmas decorations have been put away for a few weeks. This alone makes my home seem more lifeless and drab. With holiday splashes of color, my mood was as festive as my home. Looking at the calendar though, I’m reminded there are still several weeks of winter left and who knows what the beginning of spring might bring. It could be more cold, blustery weather.

Well, I’m not waiting! I can’t change the weather outside but I can change the tired, wintry look of my home on the inside with just a few easy steps. See what I mean.

Start your pre-spring makeover today by pulling out a few of your more colorful accessories. If you can afford a few new items to cheer you up, go for it. A bright throw pillow or piece of colored glass art won’t set you back much if you know where to shop. A couple of my favorite shops for unique and interesting things are Tuesday Morning and Pier One. Watch for sale and markdown items. For $25-$50 I can get several decorative items that will do the trick. If nothing else, rotate some of your existing accessory pieces from room to room. Funny how things can look completely different in another setting!

Another no-cost revival can be done by just moving some key pieces of furniture around. You don’t have to overhaul the entire room, just a piece or two to give it a new look. It’s always a good idea to rearrange pieces to keep the wear patterns on your floor minimized.

Even though spring is technically several weeks away, the spring decorating magazines are out now. Check them out at your local bookstores (Borders, Hastings), at the supermarkets or online and get your mind to thinking spring. Making plans can be as invigorating as anything. Get your mind revved up for spring and it’ll be here before you know it!

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