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A smart phone gas app for rising gas prices

Californians brace yourself gasoline experts predict gas prices will increase to $5/gallon by August.

“We’re talking about five bucks by the end of August, because of the hurricane season. Then it may drop to $3 by the end of the year,” said Bob van der Valk, a pricing analyst for 4Refuel, a fuel management company. “It’s the perfect storm.”

California has the highest average gas prices in the United States topping Hawaii and Alaska. One reason oil is imported to California because its refineries use Brent and Domestic crude.

California has not seen gas prices this high since June 2008 with high price average $4.61 a gallon other states averaged $3.57 a gallon according to Amercan Automobile Asoociation (AAA) survey for California.

Daily AAA’s surveys over 100 thousand self-serve stations with help from Wright Express and provides a comprehensive retail gasoline survey and also uses credit card receipts from retailers around the United States. America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization conducts a report of the daily average national, state and local prices for gasoline, diesel and E-85 across the United States .

To help find cheap gas prices while on the go, I found a free app for Smart Phone users. There is a free app for Android, Window and iphone users that helps find the cheapest gas on the go. There are other iTune apps however I like GasBuddy and the app gives back and provides the lastest updated prices. And for every gas price reported to GasBuddy you earn points toward a prize-give away a $250 gas card every week. Your gas report helps all in your community work together to share gas price.


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