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A smart grill that does all the cooking

Imagine a world where a grill does all the cooking. A virtual grill master residing in your own backyard. A world of perfectly seared steaks and void of over or under cooked meat. While this may seem futuristic and as far fetched as flying cars, the technology is actually about to hit the market.

Lynx Smart Grill-slide0
Lynx Grills, Inc.
Lynx Smart Grill
Lynx Grills, Inc

At the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Lynx Grills unveiled their new Concept Grill (aka Smart Grill). This grill automatically cooks foods based on user commands. According to their website,

The Concept Grill incorporates voice recognition, online notification and a seamless user interface to bring grilling into the 21st century.

Using their My Chef technology, the Lynx Smart Grill allows you to communicate with the grill. It will inquire what it is you wish to cook, how you want it cooked and other specifics about your recipe. Once it gathers all the required information, it connects to a database that has been established by Lynx's own crew of grill masters and retrieves the information needed for a perfect cook. With its homework done, the grill will determine the cooking time and the best method. It then goes through ignition mode and instructs you where on the grates to place the food for optimum results. How easy is that?

Once the grilling is underway, the Smart Grill will keep you updated on its progress using visual, audio or text messages. It will even notify you when it's time to flip the burgers. The grill allows you to interact with it through voice commands or the included Android or iOS device app.

Another great feature of the Smart Grill is its ability to remember your preferences from previous cooks. If, for example, you had told the grill to cook your sausage an additional two minutes, the next time you cook sausage it will ask if that is how you want to cook them again. This flexibility guarantees a perfect meal according to your liking.

If the call of the wild beckons and you wish to return to caveman-style cooking without any outside influence, the Smart Grill can also be set to manual mode.

With safety in mind, the grill will automatically power off if it receives no prompts after 30 minutes. Additionally, the grill can be shut down remotely via the app, should you leave and forget to turn it off.

Keeping in mind that Lynx Grills, Inc. builds high-end, professional grills, an estimated price tag of $7000 doesn't seem that outrageous considering the technology involved. But, don't rush out to buy one just yet. The Smart Grill is not expected to hit the market until 2015. I sure hope it's at the beginning of the grilling season!

Now, what about those flying cars?


  • Automated cooking platform that takes the guesswork out of grilling
  • Voice-activated user input commands the action
  • Learning module updates recipes based on user input
  • Lynx Smart Grill Smartphone App monitoring cooking times and temperatures
  • SMS notifications let you know when food is ready
  • From Lynx, the innovation leader in outdoor kitchen products

For more information on the Lynx Smart Grill, visit:

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