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A slice of the city has arrived in Ballantyne

The inviting bar
The inviting bar

Not just a slice of the Queen City, but of New York, too! Libretto’s Pizza has been around for a while now, with their first location in the Epicentre right beside Strike City. But if bringing a taste of New York pizza to Charlotte wasn’t great enough already, they decided to open a second location in Ballantyne. And having just opened two months ago, Libretto’s Pizza is already booming with business.

The Libretto's Pizza Counter- ORDER UP!
Sarah Coombes

When guests walk in, they'll see a New York style pizza counter to their right and an elegant, wood bar to their left. The pizza counter showcases a collection of Libretto’s most popular pizzas, and good luck picking just one. But once guests have found the right slice, the Libretto’s staff lets you drool with anticipation as the pizza gets heated in their own wood fire ovens.

As for the bar, it’s an added luxury, as the location downtown doesn’t have one- see, there's a benefit to going south once in a while. The bar is a dark, elegant wood bar, which fits really well with the brick ovens to the right. The back houses a dark wood display, with mirrors reflecting Libretto's collection of liquors- and what's better than a drink and good eats?

Yet another extra at the Ballantyne Librettos is the additional dining space. At the back of the building, there’s a hidden Italian inspired dining room. With the additional dining space, the smokey, dark wood bar, and the brick ovens, guests will get a real sense of an Italian villa, with a hint of New York style- and along with the cuisine, that's the perfect mix of two great places.

But perhaps the best part is the outside patio. Spacious and within earshot of the new Alive After Five (every Thursdays at Ballantyne), the patio is the perfect space to enjoy a slice of pizza and the season.

Now, for the part all nightlifers love best- the food. Pizza flavors include the traditional Cheese and Pepperoni, but Libretto’s isn't the typical pizzeria. They also have flavors such as Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and the “New Yorker ~ From the city with everything, comes the pizza with everything; pepperoni, sausage, roasted peppers, mushrooms and onions” (so says the Libretto’s Website).

Alongside their pizza, Libretto’s also serve home-made Italian food: Lasagna, Penne alla Vodka, and this writer’s personal favorite, the Chicken Marsala. With a mix of American favorites, too: wings and mozerella sticks, and many more.

So clear the schedule this Thursday night and head on over to Ballantyne’s Alive After Five, followed by a beer and some pizza from Libretto’s. It’s a sure way to find a little slice of Heaven on Thursday nights.


  • Karen 5 years ago

    Now that is somewhere I really would like to try...

  • Adrian 5 years ago

    make mine pepperoni and bananas

  • John 5 years ago

    The place is great. Pizza like I have never eaten (or maybe only heard about) and great atmosphere.

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