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A skewed definition of 'science'


  • Nick 6 years ago

    >>"Is Mr. Braun referring to the same "real scientific community" that produced the erroneous, amateurish climate-change report from the IPCC?"

    Straw-man. No he wasn't. Anthropogenic climate change has little to do with biology.

    >>"And by "hard, real science," does Mr. Braun mean the lining up of various skulls and other bones next to each other and then simply presuming that the differences between them are the result of one species morphing into another?"

    No, he's referring to comparative anatomy, DNA studies, the calculation of mutation rates, observation of nested hierarchies, orthologous ERV placements and valid testable successful predictions made by the fossil record. Please do try and learn the subject before subjecting it to a critique.

    >>"Evolution is a valid idea, but "observe and presume" fails to constitute a testable, repeatable hypothesis."

    Evolution is testable & repeatable. You simply find it theologically inconvenient so you resort to attacking straw-m

  • Nick 6 years ago

    >>"LACE isn't calling evolution a fraud, though it's had its fair share of scams (Piltdown man, the peppered moth "experiment")."

    It's rather curious you referring to Piltdown as fake, even though it was found to be fake by those evil "evolutionists" using science you reject. It is true you reject an evolutionary view of the fossil record, yes? Many Creationists also reject carbon and radiometric dating. Would you be one of those too?

    I'm sorry, I just can't understand why you would presume to think Piltdown is fake in the first place (unless it was a poor attempt to discredit evolution by bringing it up as if it was relevant). But then, you don't even "observe" - but you do like to "presume".

    Given your writings on this matter, it would be safe to say that you don't actually reject evolution on scientific grounds but object to it because of your theological convictions, true?

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