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A sit down interview with Hubert Mathew Sebanc the owner of Glo Lounge


In an industry where it’s survival of the fittest and only the strongest survive with a Flesian eat or be eaten attitude, Hubert Mathew Sebanc is a survivalist, and right now he is at the top of his game. Recently becoming the controlling owner of the popular Dallas hangout Glo Lounge, Mathew says being a club owner is tough work, he works ninety hours a week, but with almost fifteen years of night life experience under his belt he is the responsible man for the job. With good old boy American charm paired with his traditional page boy hat and knockout million dollar smile most nights Hubert Mathew Sebanc will be found outside Glo Lounge greeting customers as they walk through the door, which is why the Dallas socialites flock to Glo Lounge every night of the week. Taking such a “hands on approach” is what his customers and employees respect about Mathew, but he does it because he hopes the clubs stays busy, that everyone has a good time, and people continue to be honest. Being that his 40-foot, shotgun style bar paired with elevated VIP seating area and modest and open, airy patio is the perfect size for the economy, staying busy is exactly what Hubert Mathew Sebanc and Glo Lounge intend to do. With music amplified from unique directional speakers to complete your overall sensory titillating experience, local and special guest DJ’s spin a radical mix of house, remix, hip hop, and R&B for your dancing delight. Each night hosts a different event as Glo Lounge seeks to satisfy all cravings within your ravenous party palate, and here at Glo Lounge everything taste delicious. For a write up of weekly events be sure to visit the Glo Lounge website or Myspace. Being that Glo lounge is a lot like it’s owner Hubert Mathew Sebanc, one of the few venue’s in Dallas to provide a warm, genuine atmosphere with character, comfort, and casual class, we are sure that you and your friends will enjoy a pleasing and gratifying experience every time you visit.



  • SS 5 years ago

    Typo...a lot like it's owner
    Should be " a lot like its owner " ....There should not be an apostrophe on its. The apostrophe S on it means "it is." It is not singular possessive like most other nouns.

    Just a little FYI.