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A simple thought for today

The pentagram is a symbol common to modern paganism.
The pentagram is a symbol common to modern paganism.
Photoshop/images by Blake Ford Hall

Opening your mind is a difficult thing to do. Sometimes it is best, when we simply keep our minds open and hope that we will be able to find understanding. Too often we seek to know the truth, but there are so many variations of the truth in modern times and it can be nearly impossible to tell the difference.

So today it is time for a more simple way of thinking.

It is time to understand that we maybe confronted with ideas that are in contrast with our own. We maybe meeting people who dream of the stars, or live with their heads in the clouds. We maybe introduced to people that are from the same planet, but have completely odd beliefs. When we compare ourselves to others, we almost always will be unable to relate in some way.

So let today be simpler, more quiet and maybe we can find understanding. Within ourselves is the ability to be and see everything, from the wider point of view. Whether you live in some far off land or in Phoenix, Arizona. No matter what your beliefs, all of us are equal in our simplicity.

This is something many learn from the traditions of paganism, but it is a universal concept.

This author once wrote,"Since at least the stone age when we awoke to being hunters and gatherers, but over the centuries our beliefs and rituals just became part of us that was assimilated. Or for the most part forgotten by society, which maybe why many feel drawn to these ancient practices in these modern times again. So let us hope we are being drawn to learn something together, not be torn apart further as a species with war and death. Let us hope that American paganism and all the other religions can find some solutions to this world full of problems, because the world is in greater need of order and truth than ever."

This always has and always will be true.

Know thyself. Love is the Law.

Blessed Be.

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