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A simple recipe to motivation

It is time to set a goal to be healthier, to improve the strength of our body, mind and spirit. Its easy to get our lives in a routine where we live in guilt of not stepping outside of our comfort zone and achieve the goals that we have for ourselves. We might start towards our dreams but along the way we just loose the drive to go for it and we find excuses to not pursue our goals.

But its time to push yourself to achieve your full potential. Before you can begin your pursuit to challenge yourself on a journey to be better than you are are now you must have motivation but how do you get it? How do you find the drive to push yourself when you don't want to?

1. Yourself . Motivation begins with you! You, setting a goal and tapping inside the doubts that you have and telling yourself that you can do it! You can make it happen! Your mind is the most powerful part of your body and most times you can do a lot more than you believe you can. Pep talk yourself with sticky notes, a memo on your phone or a small reward when you check off a step on your to do list. Remember you are the arbiter of your own destiny.

2. Family and Friends. Everyone needs help sometimes and this is where your family and friends come in. After setting your goals, tell the people around you that care about you the steps you are gonna take to your goals. They can help motivate you when you need it most.

3. Positiveness. Stay away from negativity. Negativity can cause doubt and stress you out to remain in your comfort zone. Stay around positive people, read uplifting books or watch an inspiring clip that can uplift your spirits and leave you hungry for success.

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