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A Simple Plan For A Harder Body

Simple Plan
Simple Plan
M. Phelps

Each person is a little different. The same portion of food does not work for everyone. And, there is no cookie cutter nutrition plan that works for every single person. The portions are different and the foods may vary person to person in a nutrition plan. However, many requests have prompted the design of the following "simple program" that is tried and true for getting a harder physique. The information below is general, so absorb it as such. For more detailed information, see the contact info at the bottom of this article. Here's the "simple plan".

  • Eat nothing but veggies and lean meats for 30 or more days. Starchy veggies like potatoes, etc should be small each feeding. Fibrous veggies like broccoli, etc can be much more liberal in size.
  • Eat no fruits and dairy products for 30 or more days. Just trust this advice. Do it and you will see.
  • Eliminate all breads for 30 days or more. Whole grain wraps can be used, but sparingly.
  • Eat 5 to 6 meals per day, evenly spaced out throughout the day.
  • Drink a protein shake when you can't have real food. Make sure its a whey or casein protein shake.
  • Absolutely, positively eliminate all refined sugar from your diet. Fresh or frozen foods only.
  • Do resistance training at least 3 days per week and be sure to work all muscle groups at least once per week.
  • Supplement with a good multi vitamin, multi mineral as well as additional calcium (for lack of dairy).

There it is. A simple plan that works. Veggies and lean meats. Period. For a more detailed description on how to fine tune this to your own personal needs and goals, email or visit

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