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A simple but effective practice: Seeking inner peace?

Want inner peace?
Want inner peace?
Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Do you seek inner peace?

Well, of course you do.

Would you like to abide in a state of peace more often than not?

Well, who doesn’t?

On a scale of one to ten, how often do you find yourself moving through daily life from a place of need?

In proportion to your answer, on a scale of one to ten, where would you say that your level of inner peace falls?

Sit with this answer. Meditate on it.

If you rated lower on the peace scale, this is a wonderful opportunity to pay heed to exactly how often in a days time you are moving from a place of need.

Take your life out of that feeling of survival and bring it into a feeling of abundance!

Before you make any decision, stop and feel where you are coming from. Move forward when you have found the place as within that is just beyond yourself, (yourself here = the mind and body as conditioned to prior experiences you have had.), i.e., any place of lack, neediness, or scarcity that may be propelling you forward.

But don't forget to be inclusive of yourSelf! This is not about ignoring yourSelf, but rather meeting your own needs and sharing from the place of your Higher Self!

Empower yourSelf!

This small shift in awareness can help you to transform your world, your relationships and your consciousness in myriad ways.

This simple yet effective practice in awareness is a great starting point in terms of allowing yourself to live in peace! So take it with you during your days, and consciously shift your point of focus. It will transform you from the inside out.

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